Daniel Mangena: Helping People Discover Their True Purpose In Life

Daniel Mangena

For most of us, life is like a race. Since childhood, we are taught to strive for top-level education and get the perfect job that is supposedly our dream job, but have you ever stopped and wondered if that is what you truly want? Or has society conditioned you to think that this is your dream job when it’s actually not? These thoughts can be daunting and can cause you to stop and rethink all your life decisions. You’ll feel like you’re stuck at a point from where you can’t move forward or even backward – and that’s exactly when you’ll need Daniel Mangena.

About Daniel Mangana aka Dan

Daniel Mangena is a life coach by profession. Unlike other coaches, he doesn’t have a fancy degree; instead, he uses his own life experiences to help people break out of the chains they are stuck in. In simple words, he helps people in realizing their true potential and the ‘dream’ that is instilled in their subconscious mind so that they can follow it and achieve what they truly want in life, through his venture Dream With Dan. Dan is also the author of multiple books, with topics ranging from finding motivation in life to discovering your inner self and your true purpose in life.


Beyond Intention Paradigm – Your Journey Towards Finding Your True Purpose

The young coach is known for his Beyond Intention Paradigm, a theory that he came up with after discovering his own dream. The theory follows a simple, four-phased system designed to empower individuals so that they can break through their mental, emotional, and energetic stuck states. The theory has not only helped Dan but several individuals in dealing with anything from relationship breakups, anxiety and business decisions to stress, anger management, and procrastination.

“Built from nearly a decade of my own blood, sweat and yes, tears, I’ve finally shared this theory with my followers, having a certainty of its efficacy bred from what it has brought me through in my life, and what it continues to bring to the lives of Dreamers around the globe, giving them the keys back to their own lives that they might live a life of true, joyful purpose,” he says.

The paradigm comprises 4 steps: acceptance, clearance, gratitude, and listening. These steps help people broaden their perspective and guide them towards a new way of living their life – a way that is much simpler and clearer. Dan himself personally supervises all his clients and arranges one-on-one sessions, which gives his clients a chance to focus and reflect on what they are going through.

According to Dan, all of us go through a phase in our lives where we start thinking about the purpose of our being, and whether whatever we’re doing matches that purpose or not but unfortunately, only a few are brave enough to seek help; the rest just dismiss the thought because they don’t want to go too deep into it. They’ve just convinced themselves that whatever they’re doing is right. Dan believes such people are delusional, and that at some point in their lives, the reality will hit them really hard.

To be able to get back up all the way from the lowest point in your life is not easy, but Daniel Mangena has proved that it’s not impossible. Through his help, you will not only find your true purpose, but you will also discover the untapped potential that will help you achieve your purpose and reach new heights of success.