Darrell Brooks Wisconsin: How He Murdered Six People And Not Ashamed

Darrell Brooks Wisconsin

A Wisconsin jury has found Darrell Brooks, a 40-year-old Milwaukee native, guilty of six counts of intentional first-degree killing and dozens of other charges. He did this unconsciously or might be an alcoholic with cruelty.

Darrell Brooks, Wisconsin, is the hot topic of the town as the well-educated man did not accept this. And the main thing is he is not ashamed of what he did.

Let’s get to know the details about this happening; Darrell Brooks, Convinced of doing this after so long.

After a trial in which his defense was inconsistent and often combative, a Wisconsin man was found guilty on Wednesday of killing six people by driving his SUV through a Christmas procession last year.

The jury found Darrell Brooks guilty of six counts of first-degree deliberate murder. On each count, he is facing an automatic life sentence.

The jury heard the case on Tuesday and continued deliberating until early Wednesday morning when they announced their judgment.

In total, Brooks was hit with 76 charges related to the chaos in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, in November of 2018.

On the final day of Brooks’ month-long trial on Tuesday, Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper focused on his purpose. 

She claimed that he planned to kill people since he continued to shoot after hitting the first person in the parade.

Darrell Brooks Wisconsin: The Legal Proceedings

As the jury deliberates on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, in Waukesha County Circuit Court in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Darrell Brooks looks to the prosecution.

Put the brakes on and pull over immediately. That settles the matter. It’s as easy as that. If he had stopped driving that day, no one would have been wounded, “Opper said. “He ran over the heads of sixty-eight people. If you hit one, how do you expect to keep going? So, how do you get two and keep on going? How do you make it to three without stopping? There was zero effect on him. He continued striking until there were no more victims left.”

She ended her speech by showing a video of “the havoc” Brooks allegedly wreaked during the parade.

Judge Jennifer Dorow appeared to cringe at one point while seeing the video, and Deputy District Attorney Lesli Boese appeared to swallow back tears.

Still, the camera never panned to the video on the Livestream The Associated Press has been using to watch the trial proceedings.

Initially pleading not guilty to mental disorder, Brooks retracted his plea in September. He fired his public defenders and decided to represent himself in court just days before his trial began on October 3.

Every day of the trial has been spent with him and Dorow disputing his refusal to admit his name and the state’s lack of authority over him.

After he got disruptive, the judge had bailiffs take him to a room where he could watch the proceedings on video while she muted his microphone.

Darrell Brooks’s Thoughts On Final Arguments

On Tuesday, he could present his final arguments in person before the jury, thanks to the judge’s discretion. He contended that the SUV’s throttle problem necessitated a recall.

He said the driver may have panicked after Opper objected; an inspection for the Wisconsin State Patrol had testified earlier in the trial that the car was in good functioning order, including the brakes.

He pointed out that several witnesses had mentioned hearing the SUV’s horn.

He didn’t come out and admit he was the driver, but he did say he often wondered how “this” had come to pass while he was alone in his cell at night. 

But he has never questioned whether or not “this” was deliberate. However, he failed to specify what he meant by “this.”

I’ve been called many things this year,” Brooks remarked. “Also, I am several things, so that’s not a lie. Among them, a killer is not included.”

You need to look in the mirror, Mr. Brooks,” Opper added in her rebuttal. “You’re acting like a murderer“, the speaker said.

On the morning of November 21, Brooks is accused of getting into an altercation with his ex-girlfriend in the streets of Waukesha before the parade began. He allegedly fled the scene in his SUV and drove into the crowd.

Opper testified that she could not tell the jury anything other than that Brooks was angry when he entered the parade.

Sixty-one counts of reckless endangerment are added to the homicide charges against him. There is an automatic life sentence for each count of murder.

The maximum penalty for each count of reckless endangerment is 17 and a half years in jail.

Victims Of The Fatal Parade

The husband of one of the victims of the fatal parade crash found out through the medical examiner that his wife had uterine cancer days after her death.

John Kulich, speaking to David Begnaud, the lead national correspondent of “CBS Mornings” in November, said, I was delighted to learn that I could at least give my children the sense that maybe a lot of misery was saved.”

Give some comfort to my kids by suggesting they might believe God took her away from her pain. I want to leave them with that, if possible.”

Jane, his wife, was one of the six persons murdered when Brooks drove his SUV through the crowd. At the time, she had already lived 52 years.

We worked well together. Whoever you saw there was my accomplice. I doubt I have what it takes to handle anything on my own, We need each other.” His words.

Crime History of Darrell Brooks

Brooks has a 50-page rap sheet full of convictions for domestic violence, child sex crimes, drug possession, and more that date back to 1999.

In the state of Nevada, Brooks is considered a sexual offender. He was found guilty of impeding an officer in both 2005 and 2003. 

He was again charged with a felony marijuana offense in 2002. After reportedly beating a lady over a phone dispute, Brooks pleaded not guilty to felony strangling charges in 2010.

He pleaded guilty to minor bail jumping and drug offenses in 2012. In the previous year, Brooks admitted guilt on felony charges of marijuana possession and resisted arrest.

Meanwhile, he is sentenced to life in prison. Keep connected with us for updates!