David Angelo: Comedy Master & Renowned Entertainment Icon

david angelo

David Angelo has many talents and a multifaceted personality who has made substantial contributions to the entertainment field. 

He is a prolific writer, stand-up comedian, producer, and entrepreneur with many successful ventures. David has worked on various TV shows.

Including “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and has lent his comedic brilliance to the Comedy Central Roasts. 

His inventive genius and sharp humour have turned him into a familiar face in the entertainment world, imprinting a lasting memory on viewers across the globe.

Who is David Angelo Roman?

David Angelo Roman, a notable figure in the entertainment world, was born on December 14, 1987, in the United States. 

More commonly known by his middle name, ‘Angelo’, he has significantly impacted the industry.

With an impressive over-decade-long career, he has honed his skills as a writer, producer, and stand-up comedian. 

David Angelo Roman

Throughout this extended journey, he’s consistently delighted audiences with his distinct style and captivating performances, fostering a substantial and dedicated fan following.

His unique and enthralling approach has earned him a cherished spot in the entertainment world, proving that he’s more than just a one-trick pony.

Spanning diverse platforms and genres, David Angelo’s work continues to underscore his multifaceted abilities, affirming his status as a gifted and respected artist.

Who is the comedian that owns Razor Company?

David Angelo is also the comedian who owns the razor company Volpothewolpo, founded in 2018. 

The company specialises in creating high-quality, sustainable razors and has significantly departed from David’s usual work in the entertainment industry. 

The company’s unique approach to product design and packaging has captured the attention of customers worldwide/

How old is David Angelo, the comedian?

A well-known comedian, David Angelo, was born on December 14, 1987. In 2022, he was only 35 but already very famous in entertainment. 

Despite his youth, David Angelo boasts remarkable comedic talent that has solidified his importance in the entertainment realm.

His brand of comedy stands out, distinguishing him from his peers.

David doesn’t just bring humour; he possesses a distinctive talent for captivating audiences, rendering his performances engaging and highly entertaining.

His capacity to connect with people, alongside his comedic expertise, has cultivated a dedicated fanbase that spans the globe, firmly cementing his status as a top-tier entertainer.

With his knack for forging connections and comedic mastery, David Angelo has nurtured a devoted global fanbase, solidifying his position as a top-tier entertainer.

Despite being in his mid-thirties, David Angelo has already left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, wielding substantial influence.

David Angelo stand-up

David Angelo’s stand-up comedy sets are a whirlwind of wit, sprinkled with clever observations, uproarious stories, and cutting-edge one-liners.

He showcases his innate spontaneity in his live performances, weaving solid and personal bonds with the audience.

David’s distinctive comedic style is intelligent and resonates universally, connecting with people from all walks of life, irrespective of age or background.

David Angelo song

David Angelo, renowned for his comedic prowess, also reveals his musical talents as a skilled musician and songwriter.

Among his compositions are “I’m Here For You,” a heartfelt tribute to a close friend, and “Blue and Green,” a sad ballad capturing the essence of lost love.

His music carries his signature wit and humour, distinguishing it from typical singer-songwriter fare.

Volpothewolpo David Angelo

David Angelo’s razor company, Volpothewolpo, is proof of his remarkable creativity and entrepreneurial drive. 

In this venture, David seamlessly merges his passion for sustainability and innovation to craft top-tier razors that get the job done and are gentle on the environment and your wallet. 

Volpothewolpo has secured a loyal customer base thanks to David’s dedication to quality and his distinct approach to designing products.

With a vision that marries eco-consciousness and affordability, David has tapped into a niche market of consumers who value a close shave and a reduced environmental footprint. 

Volpothewolpo’s success is a tribute to the power of innovative thinking, a commitment to excellence, and a deep-seated concern for the planet we call home. 

Is David Angelo married?

David Angelo’s private life has earned the curiosity of many fans, leaving them eager to know details about his marital status.

Regrettably, no information about David’s present relationship status is accessible at the moment.

He has remained tight-lipped about his personal life, choosing to focus on his profeendeavoursndeavors instead.

David Angelo family

David Angelo has deliberately shielded his family life from the public eye, valuing his privacy regarding personal relationships. 

Although he has successfully maintained this privacy, it is known that David has a brother named Marc Angelo, who shares his connection to the entertainment industry. 

Marc has become a writer and producer, operating in his brother’s creative realm. 

While David’s professional achievements shine brightly, his family bonds remain a more discreet part of his life, allowing him to balance his public persona and private world.

David Angelo net worth

In 2023, David Angelo’s estimated net worth is an impressive $7 million.

His income proves his achievements in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Throughout his career, David’s innovation and creative insight have paved the way for considerable financial success. 

Notably, his razor company, Volpothewolpo, is poised to drive future wealth significantly. 

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