Dee Warner Missing: Missing From 2 Years

Dee Warner Missing Missing From 2 Years

This week, dozens of law enforcement authorities scoured numerous locations in Southeast Michigan for evidence about the disappearance of a lady from Lenawee County more than two years ago.

Thursday saw the continuation of the investigation into the disappearance of Dee Ann Warner. 

On Thursday, crews from 13ABC spotted excavators digging through a farm field on property that Dee and her husband Dale own off of Paragon Road. 

On the scene, the investigators had cadaver dogs with them. The authorities confirmed to 13ABC late Thursday night that they did not collect any evidence and have begun plugging the holes for safety reasons.

In the investigation into the disappearance of Dee Warner, who was 52 years old when she was reported missing in April of 2021, a spokesman for the Michigan State Police stated on Tuesday that the agency was acting on tips it had received. 

Dee Warner Family statement

According to members of Dee’s family who spoke with 13abc, a home fire occurred in 2021, not too long after Dee went missing, in the same location that investigators examined on Thursday. 

They are left wondering what could have been found in that house before it caught fire.

On Thursday morning, Dale Warner was present at the location where the search was conducted. Someone took a picture of him and is currently doing the rounds on various social media platforms. 

13ABC have told by witnesses that he was ordered to leave the premises. Even though he owns the property, witnesses claim he did not spend much time there.

13ABC requested the authorities explain why they were excavating in this location, but they refused. Additionally, they did not divulge any significant results of the inquiry. 

The search for Dee in Southeast Michigan that began on Tuesday included MSP officers checking drain ditches and other sites along Michigan Highway 50 while wearing wet suits. 

However, excavators were not brought out until Thursday, despite the fact that they had been searching since Tuesday.

Following the search that took place on Tuesday, friends and relatives of Dee Warner shared their thoughts and feelings.

“I know all you want is clarification on some points. “Even if it’s a bracelet, her phone, her case, car keys, anything, something that can help the investigation at this point, that’s all we want to see,” said friend Kathryn Adams. “You want people to be held accountable… you know… you see all these other cases going much quicker, and you wonder why that’s not us.”

“To tell you the truth, I have stated in the past, and I will continue to state in the future, that I will not give up fighting for justice until it has been accomplished. “Gregg Hardy, Dee’s brother, remarked, “We’re going to get there no matter what it takes, no matter how long I have to chase everyone around.” That’s fine with me because “I don’t care.”

Dee Warner new Update

The further search activities that took place on Tuesday in the Dee Warner case were confirmed by the Michigan State Police.

In April, it will have been two years since Warner was last seen. According to the authorities, the woman from Lenawee County was last seen at her residence located in Franklin Township.

Tuesday was spent extensively by the investigators looking for fresh leads. The state police searched the missing woman’s home and several other surrounding locations. 

It is thought that Warner’s last known whereabouts were at her house on Munger Road. When she was reported missing in April of 2021, Warner was 52 years old, according to the police.

The members of Warner’s family are optimistic that the most recent search efforts will finally provide them with the resolution they have been looking for.

“When the person or people responsible for her killing are finally brought to justice and locked up, only then will we be able to finally rest as a family.” According to Warner’s nephew, Parker Hardy, “Our message from our fan group and family is that we are pushing hard to pressure the prosecutor into starting a prosecution.”

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