Deva Cassel: Monica Bellucci’s Look-Alike Daughter

Deva Cassel

Deva Cassel is not just the face of Dolce & Gabbana fragrances, but also a Dior ambassador. The evergreen Monica Belluci’s daughter is establishing a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Who Is Deva Cassel

Deva Cassel was born in Italy, Rome on September 12, 2004, to the famous actors, Vincent Cassel and Monica Belluci. She has Italian nationality and will be 17 years old in 2022.

Her birthdate aligns her with the Virgo zodiac sign, which matches with her mother, Monica Belluci.

She has also a younger sister named Leonie Cassel, who is also a star kid that was born on May 21, 2010. She is currently 12 years old.

Aside from her career in modeling for well-known labels, Deva, who is still in school, says she will not compromise her academics because education is her top priority.

Her father is from France, while her mother is from Italy. Deva Cassel, on the other hand, feels more connected to her mother’s roots.

Deva Cassel once expressed her gratitude to her parents in an interview for giving her the name of Hindu Goddess Deva, which means “Divine, who shines.”

Parents’ Separation

Her parents got separated in 2013. Although they shared eighteen years of relationship together but things were ended by both of her parents. It was a mutual decision.

Bellucci’s previous marriage also ended in divorce. She was married to a well-known photographer from Italy, Claudio Basso for four years until leaving him in 1994.

Cassel and Bellucci had been living independently for some years, maintaining their own properties in Paris and Rome, respectively.

The big stars announced they had divorced by mutual consent after a 14-year marriage and following that Vincent Cassel married Tina Kunakey in 2018.

They were together since 2016. Deva Cassel also has a step-sister named Amazonie Cassel, who was born in 2019.

Her Career

Deva Cassel is an Italian fashion model and Instagram sensation who is known for being the star child of actors who has achieved great success in the movie industry.

The star kid, whose father is Vincent Cassel, was a perfect match like her famed look-alike mother, as she put her modeling abilities to the test. She is absolutely stunning and can accomplish more with her looks.

Since she posted her first picture to her Instagram account in July 2020, she officially entered the world of fashion. 

Despite having no prior intentions of making it big in the profession, she quickly captured the hearts of numerous commercial producers and big brands.

Deva Cassel did not make it appear difficult for her to reach such success at such a young age, as she is the brand ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce Shine perfume. It is one of the most renowned brands in the Wolrd.

Gabbana, Bazaar Magazine, Muse, Dior, Harper Bazaar, D&G, and Vogue are among the other high-end brands with which she has collaborated.

Deva was recently featured on a magazine cover while she posed with her mother for the Italian edition of “Vogue.” In the past, when Bellucci was pregnant with her, the actress posed for the Italian edition of “Vanity Fair” in August 2004.

Social Media Persona

Cassel has more than 645K followers on Instagram. On her social media accounts, she posts her selfies and BTS photoshoots of brands she works with.

Her photos and videos on Instagram have received a lot of attention and a lot of comments from her fans.

Deva has also used TikTok to promote the D&G perfume campaign, making a dancing competition with the designer brand.

The dance has 28.5K likes on TikTok, with the model crossing her hands over her shoulders and hips in a Macarena-style manner, in which she is wearing an elegant white maxi dress.

The modeling agencies that are handling her PR are Karin Models in Paris and D’Management Group in Milan. Many people will be surprised to know that she is just 17 years old for such a stunning model with a promising future ahead of her.

Deva Cassel’s followers and admirers are eager to see what she does next in her career. She’s undoubtedly on her way to becoming a Hollywood star, and she has a lot of potential in her field.

Her Mother’s Magnificence and Her Father’s Appeal Were Passed On To Her

It should be noted that Deva resembles her mother, Belluci. Deva Cassel and Monica Bellucci have an obvious similarity in terms of intriguing elegance, long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, sharp look, and magnificent figure.

She is very gorgeous and has the potential to achieve even more in the coming days, which will be helpful to her modeling career because she inherited her mother’s beauty and her father’s charisma.

Deva Cassel revealed while shooting for the cover of “Muse” magazine. “My family has always been supportive of my choices, so modeling was no exception. My parents are very protective and help me in my work,” she added.

“I have always seen my parents as mom and dad since I was very young until now. I admire their talent and I’m obviously extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished, but that doesn’t change the way I see them,” she explained.

Dating Life

Deva Cassel and Luca Salandra are said to be dating. According to rumors, the pair has been dating for approximately two years. Luca and Deva made their first public appearance during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.

Luca Salandra is an Italian-French fashion model who is almost 17 years old. The reported lovers had already shown themselves together last summer, posting images of their vacation on social media platforms.

Deva Cassel captioned a photo of the two of them together in one of her Instagram postings, “Already halfway around the sun together. I love you.”

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million, according to One World Information. Unfortunately, there are no reliable sources that reveal the fashion model’s net worth.

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