Learn How This Social Media Guru Went From Zero to a Million Followers

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Meet Devin Caherly

Meet Devin Caherly: a widely popular TikTok star and content creator. Not only is Devin a self-proclaimed social media guru but he is also an entrepreneur. Devin started his business ventures when he founded DC Millionaire – one of the most followed entrepreneurial niche publications on Instagram. DC Millionaire currently has over 290,000 followers and maintains steady growth day after day.

Devin is constantly studying trends within the world of social media. In August of 2019, Devin created his profile and started uploading TikToks on a daily basis. Soon after he realized the potential of TikTok and the ability to gain a large following with a few simple tips. Devin shared his top 3 tips to become successful on the platform with us:

1: Consistency

TikTok success relies heavily on consistency. When you start your page, you need to commit to becoming a “Tik Toker” if you want to gain traction. Posting once or twice a day just won’t cut it. You need to post 5-7 times a day and consistently engage with your audience.

2: Creativity

If you’re not creative your page is bound to flop. When I say this, I don’t mean everything you post has to be an original idea (that’s almost impossible). But it’s important to stay creative and put your own twist on ideas in order to stay relevant.

3: Trends

Keeping up with trends is crucial. On Tik Tok, everything that is trending ends up on the “For You” page. Understanding the right sound to use can make a world of a difference when it comes to going viral.

While the TikTok algorithm has not been published or officially explained by the creators, Devin believes he has a good idea of how to use the platform in the correct manner. Devin spends his time on TikTok trying to understand the algorithm by using his videos to gain a larger audience for his platform. A simple change in scenery or the clothes your wear can make a difference in the success of the video. While consistency is key for Devin, he also understands what it takes to produce a TikTok that will not only go viral, but attract users to follow his account. Check out Devin’s account, @DevinCaherly, to see his success in such a short period of time.

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