Dick Nourse Obituary – The Voice Of Utah Passed Away At 83

Dick Nourse Obituary - The Voice Of Utah Passed Away At 83

The voice of Utah, Dick Nourse obituary and death news was first shared by the KSL on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

Nourse delivered the news to the people of Utahns as the lead anchorperson at KSL-TV for almost 43 years. Dick Nourse passed away at the age of 83.

In 2007, in KSL’s newsroom, Nourse described her career, “I was in love with my job and I wanted to be there, more than anything.”

Dick Nourse death was a very unexpected truth to believe for the community of Utah. He was a three-time cancer survivor.

In 2007 he took retirement from new reporting after appearing on his first newscast at KSL-Channel 5 in 1964.

However, Dick Nourse’s cause of death and funeral arrangements has yet to be shared with the public.

A brief recap on the man behind the golden voice of Utah

He shared his journey from Colorado in 1964, driving a fresh ’63 Corvair. During a retirement tribute in 2007 on KSL, he mentioned parking on Social Hall Avenue, which was home to Salt Lake City’s three TV stations at that time.

When Nourse initially applied for a job at KUTV-Channel 2, they turned him away, labeling him as inexperienced and advising him to return after five years.

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The following day he visited KCPX (now KTVX)-Channel 4, where he received a similar response.

However, a few days later, Nourse went to KSL, where they gave him an audition and just a few days after that, he landed his first news reporting job.

Shortly after joining KSL, he formed a team that included weatherman Bob Welti and sportscaster Paul James, both recruited from Channel 4.

This team went on to become one of Utah’s most enduring anchor teams in the history of broadcasting.

In 1948, Welti initiated his television journey at KDYL-TV (now KTVX), which was Salt Lake City’s first TV station.

During the 1960s, KSL recruited both Welti and James to join Nourse, establishing a formidable team. 

This trio became substitutable with KSL’s on-screen identity for many years, as the station progressively arose as a market leader.

The partnership of the trio lasted until 1991 when James and Welti retired. During the period from 1979 to 1991, Nourse had a co-anchor alongside him, with Lindsay and Shelley Thomas taking turns in that role.

Nourse told The Salt Lake Tribune in an interview during his retirement in 2007 that there was undoubtedly tangible chemistry during their visit to Vietnam, as people warmly welcomed them into their homes.

During that period, Beth King, representing the national office of the Society of Professional Journalists, expressed her belief that Nourse could potentially hold the record for the longest tenure as a local news anchor.

This statement came after the retirement of Chris Clark from WTVF in Nashville, who had served for 41 years, earlier in the same year.

Described by KSL’s former news director, Con Psarras, as a consummate professional, Nourse was known for his unwavering dedication.

He was consistently present, never taking a sick day, and exhibited a strong work ethic. Moreover, he demonstrated genuine concern for the community he served.

Before his retirement, KSL viewers had been with Nourse every step of the way during his highly hyped fight against non-Hodgkin’s cancer, a type of cancer affecting the lymphatic system. Remarkably, he emerged victorious against this challenging kind of cancer.

Dick Nourse obituary details including his cause of death and funeral arrangements are still unknown to the public.

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