Did the Simpsons Predict the Submarine Disaster?

Did the Simpsons Predict the Submarine Disaster?

After news broke of the OceanGate-owned submersible Titan going 12,000 feet deep into the ocean to explore the wreckage of the Titanic ship that sank in 1912, many Simpsons fans wondered: Had the Simpsons predicted it?

A tragic OceanGate Titan submersible vessel accident has left many fans shaken by the eerie similarities between an old episode featuring an underwater mission.

The episode follows Homer and Bart Simpson as they explore a sunken wreck for treasure. But disaster strikes when Homer’s submarine is caught in the wreckage.

The Simpsons have been credited with predicting this event 14 years ago, as one fan tweeted, “The Simpsons predicting things again.” 

There’s no wonder so many are wondering if The Simpsons could have foreseen this tragedy with such uncanny accuracy.

Whether The Simpsons really predicted this submarine disaster or if it was just a remarkable coincidence remains to be seen.

Simpson’s submarine episode number?

Season 17’s 10th Simpsons episode, titled “Homer’s Paternity Coot,” is alleged to have predicted the Titanic submarine disaster. 

In this episode, Homer Simpson travels to the wreckage of a ship in a miniature submarine, similar to the Titanic sub-rescue mission carried out by OceanGate. 

A passenger on the OceanGate mission later became Mike Reiss, who wrote the episode.

Today’s news about OceanGate submarine

In the news reported today, the OceanGate submarine, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, experienced a catastrophic implosion. It has been missing since Sunday when it lost contact with its surface support ship.

Minutes after Titan lost contact, the US Navy detected an acoustic anomaly. The US Coast Guard held a press conference just minutes before debris from the submersible was found 1,600 feet away.

An OceanGate Titan lawsuit claims insufficient prototype testing could have put passengers in extreme danger, and safety experts raised concerns about the device in 2018. 

As well as the CEO boasting about breaking the rules, Wendy Rush, a descendant of Titanic’s Ida and Isidor Straus, is leading the search for the submersible.

According to the grim discovery, all five passengers aboard the plane have died.

Name of those 5 passengers

A total of five members participated in the OceanGate adventure, including Stockton Rush, CEO of the company, Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding, and Paul-Henri Nargeolet. 

A deep passion for exploring and protecting the oceans united all five of these brave explorers.