Dixie D’Amelio Missing: The Social Media Star Who Almost Disappeared


Dixie D’Amelio is a young, thriving entrepreneur, singer, and social media sensation.

The 20-year-old boasts over 57 million followers on Tiktok, 7.04 million subscribers on Youtube, and 24 million followers on Instagram. 

Dixie rose to fame on Tiktok about two years ago, thanks to her talent in creating engaging videos that attract millions of viewers.

On May 18, 2022, the world was plunged into chaos after reports emerged that Dixie was rushed to the hospital after almost passing out. 

Dixie, her sister Charli, and her mother Heidi were working on their new footwear business, D’Amelio Footwear when the unexpected happened. 

The incident that almost cost Dixie her life

Dixie was working in West Hollywood when the unexpected incident occurred, causing her almost to pass out. 

Witnesses reported that Dixie had been feeling dehydrated and could not withstand the high temperatures, which led to hospitalization. 

Thus, medical personnel rushed to the scene and rushed her to the hospital for prompt medical attention.

While Dixie was in the hospital, her family members and friends became quite worried, but they knew that she was in good hands. 

In fact, a fire brigade was called to the Sunset Plaza, where the purported seizure had happened. Fortunately, Dixie was able to overcome the situation and is feeling much better currently.

Dixie’s health status after the hospitalization

According to reports, Dixie’s health issue was not too serious, and she feels much better now. 

She was dehydrated and given fluids through an IV, which sped up her recovery process. 

After receiving treatment from the hospital, Dixie was able to return home and continue with her daily routine.

Despite the health scare and the overwhelming support she received from her fans, Dixie was back on her feet and even advertised her shoe business on Snapchat. 

In the photo, Dixie could be seen with various monitors attached to her chest, indicating that she was still in the hospital during the post.

D’Amelio footwear: The new business venture

The D’Amelio family recently started the D’Amelio Footwear business.

Dixie, Charli, and Heidi are the brains behind the brand, which offers sandals, trainers, boots, heels, and more in seven different styles. 

The shoes are made of high-quality materials so that they are comfortable and long-lasting.

D’Amelio sisters announced in a press release that their shoe business is not just about selling shoes, but it is also centered on promoting body positivity and confidence. 

They want individuals of all ages, gender, and sizes to feel confident and comfortable in their unique styles and sneakers. The shoes will be available to people worldwide, with free shipping in the US.

The impact of Dixie’s health scare

The news of her hospitalization scared Dixie’s fans.

Many fans rushed to social media platforms to wish her well and offer their support. 

Additionally, the incident could raise awareness about the importance of staying hydrated, particularly during warmer months.

The hospitalization also shone a light on Dixie’s grit and strength as she continued with her shoe business while in the hospital. 

A post on Snapchat showed that Dixie is more than just a TikTok star; she is also an astute businesswoman.

Dixie D’Amelio is the epitome of strength and grace. Although the incident may have been scary, Dixie remains upbeat about her life and her business. 

Her hospitalization brought the importance of staying hydrated in warmer months to the fore, and her swift recovery is a testament to her resilience.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Dixie as she continues to climb the ladder of success while promoting body positivity and confidence with her shoe business. 

The world is watching, and we know that Dixie will not disappoint.

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