Does Joel Die In The Last Of Us Video Game?

does joel die in the last of us video game

Does Joel die in the Last of Us video game is the one question that has attracted a lot of attention in the past few days.

Joel has been a central part of the post-apocalyptic story The Last of Us series since the beginning. 

Despite surviving the first game, Joel will sadly not make it to the end of Part II. We won’t meet Abby until season 2. However, her arrival is foreshadowed, and Joel’s death at her hands is set up in the first season.

When Joel encounters his fate in part II, he will have done so trying to save Ellie, whom he has grown close to during season 1. 

In order to do so, though, Joel will have had to kill Jerry, Abby’s father, which leads Abby on a quest for revenge that ultimately results in Joel’s untimely death. 

While this all sounds very sad, viewers will thankfully get a reprieve in Season 1 knowing that Joel’s death won’t occur until Season 2.

The moments leading up to Joel’s death are sure to be filled with emotions as we get an even deeper look into the relationship between him and Ellie. 

As Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have stated already, this season will cover only The Last of Us part 1. 

Next year we’ll get Part II, giving us more time with both characters before they must go their separate ways (albeit under drastically different circumstances).

Despite knowing how things ultimately turn out for our beloved character, here’s hoping that the last moments of bonding between Joel and Ellie can bring some joy or comfort in the dark days ahead.

Exploring the moments leading up to Joel’s death 

Joel and Ellie experience a very intense sequence within the hospital in The Last of Us, battling their way to safety as attackers come from all directions. 

At this moment, Joel is thrown against the courtyard railing, where he finds himself in a physical struggle with an attacker.

From there, the game seamlessly transitions to a cutscene that shows the two falling from a bird’s eye view. 

We can see them plummeting toward a piece of rebar that protrudes from the ground below. As the scene reaches its climax, only Joel survives his fatal fall; impaled on the rebar, it appears as if he has died.

This dramatic ending to gameplay is made more powerful by weaving in an earlier scene where viewers play as Sarah right up until her own death. 

By connecting these experiences together, we become aware of just how brutal this story can be, ultimately preparing us for what happens to Joel during his last moments within the confines of the hospital walls.

How is Sarah’s story connected to Joel’s death?

Sarah’s story is tightly connected to Joel’s death in The Last of Us. When viewers first play as Sarah, they experience a terrifying moment where she is killed right in front of Joel. 

After this, the player is made aware that this type of tragedy may occur again and the impact it would have if it did, making one expect the worst when Joel finds himself in a similar situation later in gameplay.

This time however, instead of witnessing her death from afar like before, the players are then taken into Joel’s shoes as he struggles against an attacker, until both fall from the railing. 

Ultimately only one survives. By connecting these two experiences together, viewers become more acutely aware of just how powerful a moment like this truly is and what risks these characters face when trying to survive something as terrible as an all-out war.

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