Don’t Change A Winning Horse: The Secret Ingredients of Mega Moolah’s Everlasting Success

Don’t Change A Winning Horse The Secret Ingredients of Mega Moolah’s Everlasting Success

Mega Moolah is the name on every slots fan’s lips. Why? Because of exactly what it says on the tin: the chance to win a heap of cash that could have you make enough money to take that leap and actually quit your job. It’s enough to make you weep with anticipation of those sweet, sweet returns.

Even if you’re not a die-hard fanatic of the game, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of this title. And there’s a reason this much-loved game title will never dwindle in popularity or demand.

Perhaps it’s because of the fun factor this game offers its players. Or maybe because of the Mega Moolah free spins bonus offers which are so easily available at hundreds of online casino providers. The fact is, this game will always be a top choice amongst thousands (if not millions) of gamblers around the world.

Developed by Microgaming, one of the world’s foremost online slots developers, you’d expect the game to be super slick with its styling and gameplay. However there are so many Microgaming titles out there and this one still stands apart from the rest.

There are also plenty of slots out there with high promises that just don’t seem to stick with the playing audience. So what makes Mega Moolah one of the most popular games on the market? What’s the secret to its longevity in an ever-changing array of new titles?

Give me that progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpots that Mega Moolah offers are the real draw to this popular slot. There are no less than four progressive jackpots that keep ticking over, which you can see while you’re playing along the top strip of the game. There is a Mega progressive jackpot, a Major progressive jackpot, a Minor progressive jackpot, and a Mini progressive jackpot.

And those jackpots can clock up to over a million dollars. And you don’t even have to leave the house to play!

What are progressive jackpots exactly?

Progressive jackpots are a jackpot that climbs over time. Plenty of games offer a fixed jackpot amount that doesn’t go up or down. The most exciting part of a progressive jackpot, however, is that someone is bound to win sometime. The jackpot simply keeps climbing until there is a winner at the game! And when that jackpot number starts to get really high? Well, the excitement levels are out of this world.

If you’ve ever been in a casino where there are a series of machines with a high progressive jackpot, you’ll notice that there are no seats empty – and there probably won’t be for hours to come. People are sitting there hoping that it’s their machine that goes off and wins big. After all, it has to happen sometime soon!

What else does Mega Moolah have to offer?

We’ve already listed a handful of ingredients that make for a winning recipe when it comes to this online slot game. But let’s take a look at a few more fantastic features…

Safari theme

While it’s perhaps not the most innovative theme throughout the world of slots, Mega Moolah’s safari is a well-done version of this popular design. The symbols include a buffalo, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and monkey, whereas the wild symbol is a lion. You also have other standard symbols in the mix like J, 10, A, and King.

The backdrop is in true safari style, complete with luscious trees and greens, mixed in with yellow, red and orange tones. The colors really pop and the defined borders make for an enticing experience on the eye.

The sounds within the game remind you of an African safari; the background of gentle outdoor wildlife creatures, in the reel spins, pan pipes for line wins, celebratory picture animations, and in the jackpot feature with its exciting Hakuna Matata style win. And speaking of that progressive jackpot…

The jackpot feature itself

To trigger the Mega Moolah jackpot, there is nothing special you actually have to do in the game. The jackpot feature is triggered randomly while playing, although higher bets make it more likely to trigger.

The Mega Moolah feature itself is a Jackpot Wheel to spin with some African style drumming and chanting of “Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah” while the wheel spins. The wheel itself offers 10 chances to win the Mini Jackpot, six chances to win the Minor Jackpot, three chances to win the Major jackpot, and one chance to win that juicy Mega jackpot.

Free spins feature

If you manage to get three Scatter symbols on the board, you’ll trigger the game’s other feature – a free spin bonus. Here, you’ll receive 15 free spins. During the feature’s play, any wins that you have will be tripled, yes, tripled, to add to your total. During the free spins feature you will not, however, have the chance to win the progressive jackpot.

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