Donya Tesoro Boyfriend: What Is Her Current Relationship Status?

Donya Tesoro Boyfriend

Who is Donya Tesoro Boyfriend? Is she married? Many have wondered about the status of her romantic life, prompting questions like this. 

Yet, much like the careful deliberation she brings to her role as a public servant, Donya Tesoro maintains a guarded stance regarding her love life. 

Despite numerous rumors linking her to Sandro Marcos, no official confirmation has been made by either party. 

Notably, her Facebook profile states that she is single, reflecting her dedication to her constituents and her commitment to making a meaningful impact in their lives. 

Nevertheless, the whispers and speculations about her personal life continue to linger.

Let’s learn about Donya Tesoro’s rumoured boyfriend and her personal life.

Is Tesoro dating to Sandro Marcos?

The rumors about Donya Tesoro’s relationship with Sandro Marcos started after they were spotted together at some events. 

However, neither of them has confirmed nor denied the speculations. 

Some netizens speculated that they might keep their relationship private, given their profession and public image. 

However, Donya Tesoro has been tight-lipped about her relationships, including her rumored one with Sandro Marcos.

Donya and Sandro are both public figures actively involved in the political arena in the Philippines. 

Sand currently represents Ilocos Norte’s 1st congressional district, where his father also served as governor. 

The Marcos family, including Sandro, has been a prominent political figure in the country.

Despite their shared political involvement, their social media profiles show no signs of them being a couple. 

They’re not connected on Instagram, fueling increased speculation about their relationship. 

Donya Tesoro relationship timeline

As of 2023, Donya Tesoro is focused on her political career. She has not discussed her past relationships and is a private person regarding her personal life. 

Her rumored relationship with Sandro Marcos remains unconfirmed, fueling public speculation.

Donya Tesoro continues to work hard as the mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac, to implement projects that benefit the people. 

She is known for her intelligence and dedication, which have earned her the respect and admiration of many. 

While her personal life may remain a mystery, her political career continues to flourish.

Who are the Parents of Donya Tesoro?

Donya Tesoro was born into a prominent political family in the Philippines. Her mother, Loreta Reyes Bautista, was a councilor and later Vice Mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac.

Herminio Tesoro, her father, was the Mayor of San Manuel and a Provincial Board of Tarlac member.

She was raised in a family with a solid political background; Tesoro was exposed to politics and public service from a very young age.

After she earned a degree in Political Science from Ateneo de Manila University, she decided to return to her hometown, setting out on her path to public service.

Who is the Mayor of Doña Tarlac?

Donya Tesoro holds the position of Mayor in San Manuel, Tarlac, Philippines at present.

She assumed this responsibility in 2019, following her terms as a Vice Mayor from 2016 to 2019 and council member from 2013 to 2016.

In her capacity as Mayor, Donya Tesoro has prioritized improving living conditions for the residents of San Manuel.

Donya Tesoro has shown remarkable activity in the domains of education, healthcare, and the betterment of infrastructure.

Donya Tesoro’s unwavering commitment lies in improving educational facilities, healthcare services, and urban infrastructure, all geared toward enhancing the quality of life for the city’s residents.

She is widely recognized for her effectiveness and steadfast dedication to continually work towards improving her community.

Her achievements have earned her recognition as one of the “Millennial Mayors” in Mega Manila.

Who is the Vice Mayor of San Manuel Tarlac?

Donya Tesoro’s key ally in her political career has been her Vice Mayor, Jay Chua. Chua has been serving as Vice Mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac.

Chua was previously a councilor in San Manuel, serving in that role from 2013 to 2019. 

As Vice Mayor, he has worked closely with Donya Tesoro to implement policies and initiatives to improve the lives of San Manuel, Tarlac residents.