Dorothy Stratten – The Beautiful Playmate Who Met A Horrific Demise

Dorothy Stratten

The recent documentary Secrets of Playboy uncovered shocking details about the beautiful young model Dorothy Stratten and a “sad” new unearthed allegation against founder Hugh Hefner.

The 2022 documentary Secrets of Playboy has delved into the life of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire and has uncovered new findings regarding Dorothy Stratten. But as one would think the doco would celebrate or commemorate the founder, it unearths shocking new allegations.

The now unearthed charges of coercion, manipulation, coercion, and claims of drugging are being exploited in the documentary. All ears turned upwards when mention of the beautiful 70’s model Dorothy Stratten came to light again. 

Dorothy Stratten – The Young Shy Model

Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten was born on 28th February 1960 and hailed from Canada. She was prominent and gained fame when she was announced as Playmate of the Month for the month of August 1979. She was also Playmate of the Year for the next year.

These continuous achievements were in line to rocket her career to new heights as the model was considered to be very talented. Her beauty and looks got her attention from Hollywood, and she appeared in three comedy films. 

Even after her shocking death at the age of 20 by her husband and manager Paul Snider, she inspired two other movies, a book, and multiple songs. She was looked up to by many and was the epitome of success for women and men.

Dorothy Stratten’s Early Life

The model was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her parents, Simon Hoogstraten and Nelly Hoogstraten, were immigrants from the Netherlands. She was the eldest daughter of her parents, followed by a brother and a sister. 

She attended Centennial High School and concurrently worked part-time locally. This was in the year 1977. While working, she was noticed by Paul Snider, a 26-year-old promoter and pimp at the time. The two hit it off and began dating each other.

Beginnings of Her Career

When they were dating each other, Paul Snider convinced Dorothy to pose nude for professional reasons. She hesitantly agreed, and Snider had a photographer take nude photos of the young woman, who was under 19 at the time and had them sent to Playboy in 1978. 

Since the model was below the age of a legal minority, she had to take permission from her mother to sign her release form. Little did they know that it would be the start of a promising career. 

It is noted that she was noticeably shy at the time of her appearance.

Induction Into Playboy And Launching of Her Career

Dorothy Stratten moved to the United States to pursue her selection for the 25th Great Playmate Hunt. She was joined by Paul Snider at the time where she became Playboy’s Miss August for the year 1979. 

She began working in the Playboy Club as a bunny where at the time, Hugh Hefner had high hopes for the model not only as posing but also on her crossover career path and the success which she could have had. 

In the same year, Dorothy was featured in episodes of Buck Rogers and Fantasy Island and had small roles on the movie screen as well. 

Relationship with Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner apparently acted as a protector for Stratten and told her to cut and sever her ties with Snider, and Hefner also labeled him as a “hustler and a pimp.” 

But new information came to light when the recently ongoing series Secrets of Playboy unearthed many secrets of Hugh Hefner.

Secrets of Playboy

Hefner’s secrets were recently revealed by Holly Madison and Crystal Harris Hefner in the A&E docuseries named Secrets of Playboy.

Miki Garcia, a former playmate, revealed new insights into the life of Hugh Hefner. She worked with Dorothy Stratten on promotions and in an interview with Fox News Digital. 

“She was a beautiful young woman. I had an unbelievable phone call with her shortly before she died, and this is while she was in New York filming They All Laughed.”

“She told me something that I’ve never revealed. But I knew Dorothy; I knew the position she was in. And she was really in a desperate situation.”

“She was terrified of what photos and videos may come out of her that Hugh Hefner filmed,” Garcia revealed.

She further revealed that she was also afraid of the editing and was very afraid of how the media could and would be used.

Warnings Against Paul Snider

There were many warnings and early signs given to the model against her estranged husband, Paul Snider. Rosanne Katon and many others apparently warned the young model against him, along with Hugh Hefner. 

As the girl was apparently shy and uncomfortable against all the nudity surrounding her, many other colleagues of her befriended the model. 

Playmates including Pamela Bryant, Marcy Hanson, and others protected her from many ‘sexual predators,’ who were also friends with Hugh Hefner.

Introduction with Peter Bogdanovich

Dorothy Stratten met Peter Bogdanovich, the filmmaker, at the Playboy Mansion. 

After she was introduced, Peter instantly fell hard for the young model. He especially wrote a role for her in his film They All Laughed, which was to star Audrey Hepburn, John Ritter, and Ben Gazzara.

Beginnings of the End of her Marriage and Inevitable Demise

Both Peter and Dorothy engaged in a romantic relationship. It was inevitable that Paul Snider became disturbed at the signs of his downhill marriage. Cracks began to emerge as soon as the married couple wished for a peaceful separation.

Dorothy was apparently afraid of her husband till then. She would go to her office and pick her fan mail and would ask to dispose of specific mail due to her husband being very jealous, and she didn’t want him to know about this. 

People claim that Snider was exploiting the emerging star.

The Fatal Murder of Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy Stratten met her demise in August of 1980 when she was just 20 years of age. 

Dorothy Stratten wanted to end her marriage peacefully. Her attorney advised her it wasn’t necessary for her to engage herself directly with Snider, but she insisted she “would like to be friends.”

The emerging blonde model went to her married home to go over their divorce agreement. It was there that she was shot directly in the face with a 12-gauge shotgun. 

Paul Snider was 29 at the time and turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. 

Both their bodies were discovered by their friends, who first thought the couple was reconciling and maybe mending their marriage. 

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