Who Is Drew Lynch’s Wife? American Comedian Married At Mountaintop In Vermont

Drew Lynch Wife

People had known Drew since 2015, when he first came to America’s Got Talent for an audition. 

Back in 2015, Drew came second in season 10 of America’s Got Talent. The comedian has recently tied the knot with his girlfriend to make her his wife. The marriage ceremony took place at the mountaintop in Vermont. 

So, who was his girlfriend that Lynch married? Who is Drew Lynch’s wife?

Drew Lynch wife

According to sources, Drew Lynch, the American comedian, was previously dating his longtime girlfriend named, Melanie Sergiev. It was reported that the couple decided to marry at the mountaintop in Vermont. 

Drew shared a video on Facebook about his wedding in which he captioned that he was hiking the tallest mountain located in Vermont with his wife, Melanie. He also said that everyone should watch his video. 

In 2019, it was confirmed that Drew and Sergiev were dating. Sergiev was born in Bulgaria in 1992. She is a very good foot, orienting athlete. 

After the couple confirmed their relationship in public, Drew would regularly share posts related to Sergiev. He also shared a post in which he discussed taking charge of a wedding with the theme of the game card UNO. 

In some pictures, it is evident that both of them love each other. A picture Drew shared in which it looked as if Sergiev was aching for him to marry her.

Who is Drew Lynch, American comedy?

Drew Lynch opened his eyes on August 10, 1991. His place of birth was found to be Indiana, USA. He is a famous American comedian, Youtuber, and actor.

It was reported that he started gaining popularity after enrolling in season 10 of America’s Got Talent, in which he came second.

His father’s name is Tim Lynch, and he shared a post in which he discussed his father. He said that his father was from the army and “then he was a waiter at Applebee’s.”

For his education, he attended performing middle arts school and high school. According to sources, he began his Youtube channel on February 28, 2012. 

On his youtube channel, you will mostly find videos featuring his dog, Stella. His youtube channel is reported to have more than 2 million subscribers. 

Drew was 19 when he moved to LA from Indiana to pursue his film and television career. He said,” I always wanted as a kid to be an actor, and I still want that.”

Around the age of 20, Drew suffered an injury while playing softball. The softball hit his throat and damaged his vocal cords and nerves located in his larynx. This made him stutter. 

He said in an interview that he was scared after learning about the complications of his throat injury. He added,” People sometimes wonder if my stuttering is an act if I’m pulling their leg. It can be frustrating.” 

After auditioning in season 10 of America’s Got Talent, he started dating his girlfriend, Melanie Sergiev, who would become his wife in the coming years.