Eddie Flores Obituary: A Respected Journalist & Former CBS 4 Anchor

Eddie Flores obituary

Details of Eddie Flores obituary following his recent passing have yet to be disclosed.

He was a former CBS 4 anchor who sadly passed away on November 14, 2023, after bravely fighting cancer for a long time. 

His departure left a deep sadness among his colleagues, friends, and family. 

Eddie was cherished for his lively personality, reporting dedication, and great sense of humor.

Throughout his career, Eddie Flores became a well-known and admired figure, not just for his work on TV but also for his positive impact on those around him.

Associates appreciated his professionalism and the energy he brought to the newsroom.

His friends admired his kindness, and his family loved him for the joy he brought.

Eddie Flores’s legacy extends beyond his career; it lives on in the memories of those fortunate enough to know him. 

His passing marks the end of an era in the journalism community, leaving a void many will feel.

Who was Eddie Flores?

Eddie Flores, a renowned journalist in the Rio Grande Valley and former CBS 4 anchor, commenced his career as a sports reporter in Yuma, Arizona. 

Joining CBS 4 as an anchor in 2015, he brought a wealth of experience from various television markets. 

Eddie enlisted 1986 as a Marine Corps veteran, receiving ongoing recognition for his dedicated service. 

He was respected for his significant contributions to journalism and dedication to serving his country in the media and military communities.

Eddie Flores death 

Eddie Flores’s wife, Sarah Gomez Flores, shared the sad news of his passing on social media last Tuesday afternoon. 

In a touching tribute, she expressed the challenges Eddie faced in his courageous decade-long fight against cancer. 

Sarah’s words painted a picture of Eddie’s resilience and determination throughout his battle with his health.

Following the announcement, colleagues and fans came together to recognize Eddie Flores’s heritage and his significant impact as an intelligencer.

Numerous shared their memories of working with him and his positive influence on their lives.

Eddie’s fidelity to his craft and his warm personality left a lasting print on those who had the honor of knowing him.

Eddie Flores cause of death

Eddie Flores sorely passed away due to complications from cancer.

His battle with the complaint began in 2013, and despite the challenges, he continued to be an alleviation to everyone around him.

Eddie showed incredible strength and resilience throughout his journey, facing the illness with determination and courage.

Even as he fought against cancer, Eddie’s spirit remained unwavering, impacting those who knew him. 

His ability to stay positive and strong in the face of such a problematic situation touched the hearts of many. 

Colleagues, friends, and family witnessed his remarkable perseverance, turning him into a symbol of hope and resilience.

Eddie Flores Obituary details 

Eddie Flores Obituary details are pending and will be shared as they become available. 

Following Flores’ passing, tributes and condolences poured across the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. 

Many expressed sadness at losing a beloved journalist and friend, while others celebrated Flores’ life and legacy.

However, his friends and colleagues of Eddie Flores fondly recalled their memories of him after his passing. 

Many admired his dedication to journalism and his ability to connect with viewers, while others cherished his humor and infectious energy. 

CBS 4 morning anchor Marco Ramirez, who had the privilege of working with Flores in Odessa, Texas, described him as one of the best mentors he had as a reporter. 

However, another CBS 4 senior meteorologist, Jim Danner, remembered Flores as a dear friend and acknowledged his significant contributions to news anchoring and reporting.