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How A Mother Trained An Eight-Years-Old To Become A Future Entrepreneur

An eight-year-old Joe was always being counseled by his mother on the magnitude of health “A health is the cornerstone of achievements,” said his mother. Being a nurse, his mother was very well aware of the importance and the role of health in ones’ life. The advice of Joe’s mother had a very great impact on his life and he started admiring Jack LaLanne, a champion of fitness. Joe began to learn the tricks and tips of bodybuilding by making periodic views of his favorite bodybuilders’ show.

With the ticker of time, fitness turns out to be the centerpiece of Joe’s life. “All I wanted is my own set of weights,” utters Joe. He was vehement enough about fitness that he started instructing his friends about the do’s and don’ts of exercising and elevating weights. As he attained to college, he was trained enough to instruct and lifts weights on a quotidian basis. After taking a year off from college, Joe went to Gainesville, Florida and unfortunately had nowhere to workout neither his pocket was friendly enough afford an expense of gym. Then suddenly his mind triggered and he came with an idea of a deal.

Joe approached a manager of a local gym and made a two day deal with him. He offered manager his services for two days a week and in return asked for a complimentary membership of a month.

Initially, Joe was assigned to sightseeing the forthcoming members. Joe was confident enough about his skills and knew that he’d be reaching the maximum sales, outstandingly. Although, manager did strike a chord to Joe, about his zero experience on sales and less qualification but Joe stand stood with his confidence and kept insisting. At last, manager decided to grant him a chance and Joe proved his skills and flair by selling eight memberships, on the very first day.

His outstanding performance constrained manager on asking how he did this, though he is only just 20 years old. “Whenever it comes to the discussion of exercise, I take it as the most imperative thing of my life,” admits Joe.

Unluckily, the struggles and hard times of Joe’s life do not end here. Even after mounting the sales levels and chasing possibilities at other clubs in the region of Florida, he had to go through countless troubles. As health clubs, business is not easy to deal with. Six of the clubs Joe did vocation for, in his earliest five years, went bankrupt. Clubs shut their gates at once. Hot footedly, Joe became helpless and had no place to live in, accept of his car.

The porch of the clubs I worked in and of closed-down buildings was the only option left to have my head under the shade. Ultimately, I slept in my car. The time I realized that I’m running out of finance is when I went to McDonald’s to have a Diet Coke of 16-Cent but my pocket comprised only 12-Cents. “Situation got worse that time because it was my last 12 cents,” claims Joe.

Joe did not surrender, and stand stood in his darkest moments of life. He turned his every single problem into opportunities. With every door that got shut, he learned to open the new. He learned innovative ideas and things about promoting the membership and running a gym productively. Fortuitously, Joe came across with the book named “Think and Grow” by Napoleon Hill. The thoughts of the book helped him to lead towards a new path of contemplations which awakened his yearning and gave more strength to him to stay stood on his path and not to switch it.

“Being a part of middle-class family, I shaped my life and goals in the boundaries of it,” says Joe. But after getting my hands on this book, I came to apprehend that I was limiting myself. I can earn a handsome amount of money by achieving what I am devoted to. I got motivated enough that I started listing things I wanted to achieve in my life.

“As I have witnessed the awful reputation of fitness clubs in Florida, I wanted to build one with valued by society,” claims Joe. One of the goals among the top listed goals of Joe was to craft $100,000 by the age of 25. Even though he was designated as the manager of a new fitness club, where he was being offered only $10,000 still he did not lose his hope and kept evaluating his list day and night. At last, he was about to have a fruit of being patient and passionate. In the period of three months, he earned enough to open up his own fitness club.

In 1978, Joe did hit upon a suitable location for his club and signed a rent of $168,000. He employed plumbers, masons and builders while having just $1,700 in his bank account. He worked smartly, did promotions of his club before even launching it and earned enough money by selling memberships to appoint and pay his team. “I did not let anyone realize that I own only $1,700, especially the people I was hiring for the team of the club,” admits Joe.

The aim of the Joe was to differentiate and position fine image of his “Gainesville Health and Fitness” club among the people of the community. So, he focused on helping people instead of increasing the number of sales of membership. After 40 years, the outcome of Joe’s strategy proved successfully accurate and profitable.

Fighting with hurdles for years and availing every problem as an opportunity. Finally, Joe became a successful entrepreneur. Despite the fact that Joe’s dream of earning $100,000 at the age of 25 did not come true.

As they say “Though it has been late, but its solemn safe.”  When Joe turned 26, he exactly owned $100,000 in his account. “That time I realized if you dare to face the fear you achieve everything you want to,” admits Joe. I want to let people know that I achieved every single thing; I listed down in my goals because I believed in myself.

Today, Gainesville Health & Fitness marked its 40 years of success. The brand holds 130,000 sq of amenities, 3 fitness centers and more than 500 employees. Not only this, Gainesville turn out to be the primary and only to be given the gold Well City award from the Wellness Council of America.


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