Elearning is Going Mainstream For Entrepreneurship

Kodorra is an online e-learning platform that specializes in online courses for business and entrepreneurship. Unlike other business training websites, its courses are almost exclusively devoted to topics that help people to start and run their businesses on the internet. Its courses are structured to teach people to “elearn” everything they need to know to start a general online business like a blog to ecommerce site and even a tech startup.

Kodorra.com currently offers around 668 tutorial videos, more than 1,770 minutes of learning fortified with 14 years of business experience. Each course page lists all the subjects people can expect to learn throughout the course, along with references to additional information. Course videos are short and sweet, lasting only a few minutes, and most courses can be completed in one or two hours of continuous study, which is fairly concise when compared to other e-learning platforms.

The website and course layout are also professionally made with intuitive user experience and each course is carefully designed for people who have no practical knowledge or experience in online entrepreneurship.

Each course is structured to deliver optimum results for students and learners. They consist of a series of videos that systematically detail the subjects they cover and even include case studies as well as free software tools to enhance each student’s learning experience. Given the nature of these courses, most of the videos cover subjects which are related to the online business, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building low-cost websites, naming your online business, email marketing, using WhatsApp for business and more.

There are also courses that cover more conventional business topics such as raising funds for business and creating a business plan. Some technical courses are also available, like those that cover domain name registration, blockchain technology and ICOs. Despite their technical nature, this e-learning platform has made these topics accessible to even the most novice students by including links and references that will allow them to learn at their own pace.

Compared to the prices offered by other elearning platforms like Udemy or Lynda, Kodorra’s prices are relatively affordable with good quality materials. Subscriptions fees range between $15 to $400, whereas standard university courses charge $200 to $300 per hourly credit charge.

Interested persons can choose from one of three options. There is the $15 per month plan for people who only want to study specific topics or courses. There is a yearly $90 plan for people who want to study their online business courses for a single year. And finally, there’s the $390 Forever Plan for people who want to take advantage of everything that the online course website has to offer in a single one-time fee. Each payment plan also offers students unlimited access to all courses, including the 2 to 5 new courses added each month for as long as their subscriptions last.

Each payment plan guarantees a certificate of completion with each completed course and virtual mentorship is also provided by its questions and answers sections.

Kodorra is a decent business learning platform for people who want to learn about starting and running an online business. It’s worth mentioning that it regularly adds new courses on its platform, so even though it may not offer hundreds of courses like those found in larger elearning sites, it does update its courses on a weekly basis. Whether you’re a first-time online entrepreneur or an experienced business person, you should consider this website as an indispensable and affordable tool to start, run, promote and grow your online startup.


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