Elisabeth Hoekstra – Transforming Lives with Biohacking

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Elisabeth Hoekstra – Transforming Lives with Biohacking

If there is one thing about life that entrepreneur Elisabeth Hoekstra has learned and mastered, it’s that you manifest your own future and you can move past anything.

Having started out in a very rough place in life, Elisabeth has had so much to work through to become the incredible and successful woman and mother that she is today. Her biggest bit of advice for any young people looking for a way to move forward in life and learn how to be happy again is that “A traumatic start does not have to be a life sentence. You can get over anything and live your best life, manifesting whatever abundance you want every single day – once you deal with your unresolved trauma within your mind, body, and energy.”

Elisabeth’s early life, unfortunately, involved a lot of trauma. She was adopted and then was abused sexually and physically multiple times in her life.

This early trauma led to heavy use of illicit drugs, partying, and alcohol to try and self-soothe and medicate…all while trying to maintain this idyllic image of a successful model/actress in Hollywood doing movies, TV shows, music videos, and magazine shoots. She also learned at an early age that illegal dealings in the streets led to money so she led a secret life of illegal activity behind the curtain.

As you can imagine, these lifestyles eventually couldn’t stay separated anymore, and her dark side got her caught up with the law. She found herself landing an extended stay in jail. This was the low point that really forced her to rethink her life.

After getting out of jail, going back to school was Elisabeth’s first priority. Gaining new knowledge became her new addiction, and she came out on the other side with so many incredibly useful skills and certifications that she has put to work for her.

She attended Davenport University for business marketing and management and then moved on to Schoolcraft College for culinary arts and even took extreme tests outside of school to become a Certified Working Pastry Chef.

She has even gone on to get her real estate license as well as a certificate from Harvard University for cell biology with a focus on mitochondria! All of this has definitely contributed to the other accomplishments in her life.

Elisabeth realized during this time that she had to be the one to pull herself up and out of the muck that was her past trauma. Using holistic remedies – various modalities which some call biohacking, she found a way within her own power to move past her trauma and into the realm of success that she is in now.

She went from a wild party girl full of addictions to a highly successful businesswoman that has been clean for a long while and plans to stay that way.

Once she had her son, was when things really changed again, and she made another big push forward in her life. Since that time, Elisabeth has reached new heights in her career.

These days, she is still a successful model and actress across several different types of media, and she has broken a state real estate record for helping secure the most offices in the shortest amount of time.

She’s used her passion for helping others to help bring awareness to the toxic water conditions found within Detroit schools, which led to many of those schools building filtration systems! Elisabeth is a best-selling author, was president of a mental health and wellness center, and has a hit podcast called Bio-Hack Your Best Life that she hosts with Billy Carson. She’s now the Director of Operations with 4biddenknowledge Inc. All of this and more would not have been possible without finding her own strength.

As far as what she sees for her future, Elisabeth says that she wants to be able to host public events and share her story with as many people as possible! She wants to be able to show young people that they can bio-hack their way to being happy and whole again, no matter what they’ve gone through, and show them how to grow using the same types of holistic methods and bio-hacking tools that she herself has used.

Elisabeth has also decided that she wants to publish at more best-selling books over the next few years, as well as help grow the company that she’s currently with to move it above and beyond the titans of Amazon Prime and Netflix!

Her ultimate life goal is this: “I see myself helping tip the world’s consciousness to create real change, to usher in a golden age free of war, killing, abuse, etc.” An amazing idea and a beautiful goal, isn’t it?

If you want to find Elisabeth Hoekstra on social media to get to know her better, you can find her here:

IG: @elisabethihoekstra @iamelisabethhoekstra
Facebook: iamelisabethhoekstra
Twitter: @lishoekstra
TikTok: @elisabethihoekstra

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