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The Hidden Side Of Eliza Bleu’s Human Trafficking Story

Eliza Bleu's human trafficking story
  • The man who promised to change her life for the better sold her to another man for a mere $500. 
  • Eliza Bleu was tricked into believing she could become a star at the tender age of 17. 
  • In late 2022, Bleu found a powerful ally: new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Eliza Bleu is the face of the fight against s*x trafficking. The activist has gained mainstream attention in years, especially since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in late 2022 and announced his support for her. 

Eliza, identifying as a survivor of human trafficking, firmly argued that pre-Musk Twitter had become a hub for child p*rnography. 

Elon Musk has publicly endorsed her initiatives by spreading her message through replies, retweets, and other publicity efforts – gaining her more than 100,000 followers just in December. 

While his decisions on the social media platform have caused major layoffs in related fields such as content moderation, Eliza’s work with him continues to be an essential conversation starter about the dangers of human trafficking.

The ongoing Twitter censorship controversy involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk has generated significant public discussion. 

After the two were seen exchanging messages in a December Twitter Space live chat, with Musk assuring Bleu that she had a “direct line” to him on the issue, critics of Bleu began experiencing suspensions from the site after sharing images from her past. 

The ensuing conversation has caused many to question whether Musk’s relationship with Bleu had anything to do with the crackdown on her detractors. Still, the entrepreneur maintains his commitment to free speech and diverse ideas.

The world of social media gave a new aspect to her human trafficking story

Eliza Bleu’s human trafficking story has received all kinds of responses on social media. 

While many people are taking inspiration from Eliza Bleu’s human trafficking story, her friends seem to think her story is fake.

Eliza Bleu was tricked into believing she could become a star at the tender age of 17. She moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a star. Within a day of reaching LA, the man who promised to change her life for the better sold her to another man for a mere $500. 

This was the beginning of a nightmare that was to last for over 15 years. 

Bleu was homeschooled in a rural area. Her innocent upbringing made her more naive about how the world works. 

After Eliza Bleu’s human trafficking story became popular, people started digging into her public records and personal life. Despite claiming the contrary, her public records prove that Blue’s original name is Eliza Morthland. 

Even after her original name was made public, Eliza Bleu kept denying that her actual name was Eliza Morthland. However, her credibility came into question when her photos with other members of the Morthland family came to light. 

Eliza Bleu’s human trafficking story has been a game-changer in highlighting the issues of human trafficking. However, a questionable account of her life has stopped people from believing her human trafficking story.

Eliza Morthland, more commonly known as Eliza Bleu, has repeatedly become hostile and defensive when asked about the details of her human trafficking story. 

When journalist Katie Herzog reached Bleu on the phone in December, Bleu became highly defensive when Herzog showed slight interest in her human trafficking story.

On Tim Pool’s podcast, Eliza Bleu denied sharing details about her alleged abusers because of unspecified legal issues. 

Further questions were raised when Eliza Bleu highlighted the possibility of her story being fake. She said, “Let’s say, hypothetically, it is made up. What’s my biggest win so far in public? Getting Twitter to address child s*xual abuse material and make it a top priority?”

She added, “I’m not asking an abuser for money, and I’m not asking people for money.”

In Bleu’s words, her trafficking lasted for 20 years, separated by approximately a decade. 

The seed of Bleu’s trafficking was sown when she met a famous photographer at a Warped Tour concert in Chicago. 

A few years later, Bleu went to Los Angeles hoping that an unnamed high-profile musician she met through that photographer would make her a star. 

Instead, the cycle of her s*xual assault began within 48 hours of arriving in Los Angeles. Eliza Blue said in a podcast interview that her traffickers quickly hooked her on a drug she knew as “ice.”

According to some sources, Bleu returned to the city following a brief stay in Chicago.