Emily Strayer Divorce: Finding Light After A Challenge

Emily Strayer Divorce

Emily Strayer is one of the most acclaimed female country music artists of our time. What is Emily Strayer Divorce all about?

Known for her impressive arranging and instrumental skills, as well as her songwriting abilities, she has helped transform the country music industry with her band The Chicks (formerly known as Dixie Chicks).

However, behind Strayer’s success lies a heartbreaking story of love and loss. 

Emily Strayer’s divorce from her ex-husband, Charlie Robison, left her devastated and hurting. 

In the following article, we will delve deeper into this emotional phase of Strayer’s life and explore how she emerged stronger from it.

The Beginning

Emily Strayer had always been interested in music and, by extension, the arts. She grew up in Addison, Texas, where her passion for music took root when she started playing the violin at the age of seven. 

Strayer’s father, Paul Erwin, was a songwriter who introduced her to country music and inspired her creatively.

After mastering the violin, she picked up the banjo, guitar, and mandolin at a young age, further expanding her instrumental skills and propelling her music career forward. 

Emily’s talent was evident, and in the late 1990s, she joined Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines to form The Chicks.

Finding Love and Marriage

It was during her marriage to Charlie Robison that Emily Strayer faced a challenging situation. 

The couple tied the knot in 1999 and shared three children together: son Charles Augustus and twin daughters Julianna Tex and Henry Benjamin.

Charlie Robison was also a country music artist. The couple’s marriage seemed to be going well until a few years later when things started to take an unexpected turn.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Strayer’s relationship with Robison had run its course even though no one saw it coming. 

The stress, conflicts, and underlying issues eventually took their toll, and Emily decided to file for divorce in 2008.

It was a daunting moment for Emily Strayer, and the divorce came as a shock to fans worldwide, who saw her as a strong, confident, and talented performer. 

However, the divorce allowed her to gain a fresh perspective on life and focused on healing herself and her children.

The Healing Process

The divorce was a traumatic event in Strayer’s life, and it took time for her to heal. 

She continued to focus on her music career, and in 2010, she formed a side project with her sister Martie called Court Yard Hounds.

In her work, Strayer was able to express her experiences and emotions in her songs. 

Her personal pain became fuel for her art, making her more authentic and relatable to her audience. 

She poured out her feelings into her lyrics and shared them with the world.

Strayer’s healing journey showed her strength, resilience, and perseverance. 

Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of her experiences, she channeled her emotions into her music and emerged stronger and with greater depth than ever before.

A New Beginning

Despite the challenges she faced, Emily Strayer persevered and created a beautiful life for herself. 

After her divorce, she started a new chapter in her personal life. 

In 2013, she married Martin Strayer, the guitarist for Court Yard Hounds, and they had a daughter named Violet Isabel Strayer.

Strayer’s resilience through adversity makes her an inspiration to women everywhere. 

Her journey from heartbreak to growth is a testament to the power of self-care and the importance of channeling emotions through creativity.


In conclusion, Emily Strayer’s divorce was a significant turning point in her life, and it was not an easy experience to go through. 

However, despite the pain and heartbreak, she emerged stronger, more confident, and more aware of her resilience.

Through her music and life journey, Strayer has shown the world that it is possible to weather even the toughest times. 

By daring to explore life’s most challenging themes and expressing them through her art, she has become an inspiration to others. 

Emily Strayer’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and hope.