Emma Corrin Husband: Is ‘The Crown’ Actress Married?

Emma Corrin husband

Emma Corrin’s marital status often sparks curiosity, prompting questions about Emma Corrin husband despite their private personal life.

Emma Corrin, celebrated for their compelling portrayal of Princess Diana in “The Crown,” commands attention not only for their acting prowess but also for their enigmatic personal life. 

Despite widespread interest in an Emma Corrin husband, the talented 27-year-old nonbinary actor maintains a discreet stance on their romantic relationship. 

Their on-screen charisma, notably with co-star Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, propelled them to stardom. 

Corrin’s recent romantic involvement with Rami Malek in 2023 sparked headlines, capturing public fascination. 

However, amidst their rising fame, Corrin remains vocal about their fluidity in both gender identity and sexual orientation, embracing openness and authenticity in their journey of self-discovery.

Who is Emma Corrin?

Emma Corrin, whose full name is Emma-Louise Corrin, is an English actor known for their portrayal of Diana, Princess of Wales, in the fourth season of the Netflix series “The Crown.” 

They were born on December 13, 1995, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. 

Emma Corrin has gained recognition and acclaim for their performance in “The Crown” and has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

They have also appeared in other projects such as “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “A Murder at the End of the World.” 

Emma Corrin continues to make headlines in the entertainment industry, and their career is on the rise.

Who is Emma Corrin Husband?

Emma Corrin’s recent romance generates news. Their fans may want to know her dating history. 

There is no information available about Emma Corrin being married or having a husband. 

However, there have been reports and rumors about their romantic relationship.

The 27-year-old nonbinary performer, stunned viewers as Princess Diana in Netflix’s “The Crown.” 

They debuted on the show in November 2020. Corrin became viral for resembling the prince.

They were lauded for nailing Diana’s grace and charm.

Moreover, they had chemistry with Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles.

Corrin rose to stardom after the show’s fourth season. They appeared in romantic dramas like “My Policeman” with Harry Styles and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” with Jack O’Connell. 

Corrin has had multiple onscreen romances. 

They told Vogue in July 2022 about her personal life.

When asked about her sexual preferences, the actor said, “I like people.” 

Corrin felt “intense pressure” to defend their identity. 

They said, “I’m figuring out gender and sexuality issues. Yet I’m dating? Despite my happiness, that feels odd.”

Emma Corrin is dating Rami Malek 

On September 21, rumors of a romantic relationship between Corrin and Malek started to circulate, seemingly confirmed by pictures released by the Daily Mail. 

The images showed the two stars sharing a kiss during a stroll in London.

Prior to their affectionate outing, the pair were spotted together in the stands at the US Open in New York City on September 8. 

According to a source, Malek has reportedly been seeing Corrin since earlier this summer. 

The “Bohemian Rhapsody” star is said to be having a great time with the “Crown” actor, their interactions filled with affection.

Emma Corrin & Ibby Njoya

In July 2021, Corrin and set designer Njoya were romantically linked after the media published images of them holding hands in London. 

While spending time together, Corrin seemed “very happy,” according to a source. The relationship between the two was described as “low-key” at the time. 

It is still early days for Emma and Ibby, but they share a strong connection and have plenty in common. Ibby understands Emma’s world, and they seem to get along well. 

When asked for comments regarding the dating rumors, Corrin and Njoya did not respond, leaving it unknown whether they are still together or not.