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Entrepreneur Alice Hatcher Brings Health and Beauty Online

Alice Hatcher is no stranger to struggle. She is also no stranger to success. Hatcher is the founder of multiple businesses including Essential Beauty Medical Spa, Precision Skin RX, and

Hatcher’s success did not come overnight. Through many trials and tribulations, she stayed resilient and made her dream of being a health and beauty entrepreneur and business owner a reality. 

Hatcher was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and soon immigrated to the United States at the age of one. Hatcher and her family moved to the United States with very little resources or money.

Much like other immigrants of the time, Hatcher’s family moved to a brand new place without understanding the language. 

With her mother working as a night shift nurse and her father making his way through engineering school, Hatcher’s family struggled to make ends meet.

The family shared a single-bedroom apartment and did everything they could to stay afloat. In addition to her family’s financial troubles, Hatcher struggled with the transition to American life in the 1980s.

A victim of racism and bullying, Hatcher was forced to grow a thick skin and always put positivity first. 

Despite a difficult childhood filled with the struggles of an immigrant family, Hatcher stayed resilient and continued to grow her knowledge in the field she loved.

She spent much of her time gaining experience at health and beauty retailers. She attended the Paul Mitchell School of Skincare and graduated with honors. She even trained beside Dr. Zein Obagi.

Through all of her hard work and determination, Hatcher opened her first business, Essential Beauty Medical Spa, in 2006 in Orange County, California.

During that time, an economic recession hit the country that made it difficult to keep the doors of small businesses open. However, Hatcher was not going to let an economic recession get in the way of her achieving her goals. 

Hatcher did everything in her power to help keep her business open during the financial crisis. From performing multiple roles at the medical spa to going out to solicit customers from nearby parking lots.

Hatcher’s determination to be successful helped her find clients and kept enough money coming through the door to help her business survive. 

At the time, Hatcher noticed that eCommerce was just starting to get popular. She knew that to stay competitive in the market, she needed to bring her health and beauty products to the web.

After a year of selling online, Hatcher understood the value of online sales when her eCommerce site brought in more profit than her brick-and-mortar store. Her eCommerce site has grown to include a wide variety of products. The site even offers virtual consultations that help prescribe users the right product for them. 

Hatcher continued to work hard for ten long years to bring her business out of the debt accrued during the recession. Essential Beauty Medical Spa is now one of the top medical spas in Orange County and Hatcher has turned the business around into a far more profitable venture. 

If running a successful medical spa and eCommerce site wasn’t enough, Hatcher started her brand of health and beauty products, Precision Skin RX, in 2015.

Hatcher’s medical skincare brand focuses on results-driven medical-grade ingredients that aim to treat various skin conditions. Hatcher’s experience and education in skincare inform her brands’ products to ensure that the ingredients are effective and safe. 

With all of her success in the health and beauty business, Hatcher likes to remember her roots. She hopes to use her success as a springboard to spread positivity to other young entrepreneurs who think success is not possible.

Hatcher knows that she is proof that difficult beginnings do not have to be the barrier to success. She hopes to show everyone that with hard work, dedication, and positivity anything is possible. 

Resilience has been at the heart of everything Hatcher has accomplished. From a childhood where her family had nothing to adulthood with a struggling small business. Without resilience and hard work, Hatcher would not have the success she has today.

With the heart of a true entrepreneur, Hatcher was able to turn her passion for skincare into multiple successful businesses. Her message to those who begin their journey in the same way she did is to keep going and never give up. 

Hatcher’s biggest piece of advice to those getting started down a road of entrepreneurship is to ignore those who tell you that you cannot do it. Hatcher knows that despite the difficulties of life, at the end of the day happiness is all that matters.

Hatcher hopes to bring happiness and positivity to others by helping her customers stay healthy and take care of themselves both inside and out.