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Jeff Lopes

Deep down every one of us wants to be a success story.

We want to have a nice job, a loving family, and settled life. But unfortunately, these dreams need to be achieved.

That was what entrepreneur Jeff Lopes set out to do.

From his adolescent years, Jeff wanted to become a self-made man, and to do that he used his love for the hustle guide him into the world of business.

Jeff Lopes took his love for the hustle and his dream to be a successful businessman and started his own business from his home basement at the nimble age of seventeen!

While most of the kids his age were worrying about getting into a good college, Jeff was already earning and well on his way to being independent.

Following his ambitions and goals

Following his ambition and dreams, the path to being entrepreneur seemed a natural fit.

His goal was simple; find your passion and turn it into a business. In his 24 years as an entrepreneur, Jeff has created Global brands like Kimurawear and has built an impressive portfolio of real estate under the TrueBlue Homes umbrella.

Kimurawear is a Boxing / Martial Arts innovated Equipment brand that was created in 2006 which has now sold well over quarter of a million boxing gloves, making Kimurawear a well-respected brand in the sports industry.

Jeff moved towards a mode of more passive income when he started TrueBlue Homes which is a real estate company holding a portfolio of vacation homes and commercial properties.

However, jeff is making considerable progress in this business withholding of many rental properties and actively developing on a 16-acre cabin resort in the beautiful Northern Muskoka, Canada.

If you want to know more about Jeff’s story visit his Instagram.

Journey to become a successful entrepreneur

Among Jeff’s current projects is a noteworthy new entrant which is the “Jeff Knows Inc” podcast where Jeff aspires to share the knowledge and experience, he has amassed over his career with the motive of helping new entrepreneurs.

Jeff shares stories of his guests, which are some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, with this free flowing conversation, which offers entertainment and educational value to the listeners.

It may seem that Jeff has it all and didn’t work much for it but that is the furthest from the truth. Jeff has had his fair share of failures which helped him stay grounded.  

Addressing this, Jeff highlights many things he learned on his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The most important challenge that Jeff feels he faced was falling in love with the idea of a business.

Jeff believes that his passion for business drives him to be a better businessman and entrepreneur, but he identifies that falling in love with the idea makes a person oblivious to the faults in it which inevitably leads to losses and heartbreaks.

He faced this challenge and warns aspiring entrepreneurs to be wary of this pitfall.

Working smarter rather than working harder

Secondly, Jeff advises his audience to work smart rather than working hard.

Jeff started his hustle by working hard and putting in hours after hours, but personal experiences taught him that crunching hours wasn’t the way to go so, he switched to a smarter strategy for working which changed his life drastically.

Jeff believes in having a balanced life, is key to any success and family always comes first.  He meticulously schedules his days so that he can spend time with his family and he plans his business around family time.

As a father of two, Jeff emphasizes on making time for family as his priority.

To get more insights on Jeff and his brilliant mind log on to his website to learn more and get hands-on advice from the serial entrepreneur or listen to his podcasts which might excite you.