Evan Peters Girlfriend – Who Has The Dahmer Series Star Dated?

Evan Peters Girlfriend

Since Evan Peters rose to fame after appearing in The Netflix limited series, fans have been curious to know about Evan Peters’s girlfriend. 

A notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, is portrayed by Evan Peters in a new Netflix limited series.

Many well-known women have been Evan Peters’ partners. His real-life dating history is actually relatively brief, despite the fact that he is one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs.

Two American Horror Story co-stars and well-known American models are among the ladies the actor has dated.

Evan Peters’s Views On Girlfriend

Evan Peters, who plays notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Ryan Murphy’s brand-new Netflix limited series, once shared his thoughts on an ideal partner. 

The actor has dated a number of famous ladies, and he once discussed the qualities he values in a companion. 

In response to Evan Peters’ admission that ‘he is not very adapt at dating,’ the Jeffrey Dahmer actor once discussed the qualities he seeks in a partner.

‘I’m not sure. Girls, who give me a chance, I suppose, you know?’ In 2015, Peters spoke with Cosmopolitan. ‘She is cool with it if I make a mistake, say the wrong thing, act foolishly, trip, or spill anything on my shirt. She is cool with it and will give me another chance to speak up, overcome my trepidation, and be confident.’

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Dated For 8 Years.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story actor Evan Peters was engaged to Emma Roberts for a considerable amount of time.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts

The two co-starred in the 2013 movie Adult World and multiple seasons of American Horror Story.

Although Peters and Roberts developed crushes on one another, they didn’t start dating until after the Adult World filming was over.

They had an intermittent relationship from 2012 until 2019, even engaged in 2013. The stars called off their engagement in 2015, although they later got back in touch in 2016.

However, Peters and Roberts declared their separation from one another in March 2019.

When it comes to courting Emma Roberts, Evan Peters once admitted that he had no idea ‘how to approach’ his co-star.

Peters admitted to developing a crush on Roberts while filming Adult World in a 2014 interview with Vulture.

‘I didn’t really know how to talk to her or how to approach her or anything like that. I was also a more reserved performer at the time, trying to kind of keep into it, stay concentrated, and not talk too much,’ he said. ‘But I did try to talk to her a few times, and I guess I kept saying the wrong things, I don’t know. I was feeling awkward and dumb and thought, Oh my God, this is not going well.’

I’m just going to stop talking and shut up.

He made jokes, according to Peters, that weren’t going over very well. When Roberts eventually got to know him more, ‘however, it all worked out.’

Following the film, ‘we started hanging out, and I relaxed a little bit, and she started picking up on my sense of humor,’ he added.

When the two were staying at a hotel in Montreal in 2013, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were involved in a domestic dispute when the police were called.

Peters had a bleeding nose and a bite mark when the police came. Roberts was detained on the grounds of alleged domestic violence. 

Then-22-year-old Roberts was released immediately after 26-year-old Peters decided not to file charges against him.

Through their public relations representatives, the couple issued a statement that read, ‘It was an unfortunate event and misunderstanding.’

About five months after Roberts’ arrest, he got engaged. The Dahmer star proposed to Emma with a pink and gold diamond ring. 

The pair called off their engagement in 2015, but they quickly reconnected after spending three months apart. Nine months later, they once afghan called it quits.

The two celebrities made no official statements about their breakup. 

‘There was no drama at all; the split was peaceful. Emma and Evan are still friends,’ according to a person close to them. 

Evan removed all the pictures of Emma from his social media accounts.

The on-again, the off-again couple announced that they had called off their engagement in March 2019, according to US Weekly.

Halsey Was One Of The Evan Peters’s Girlfriends

Halsey had been an Evan Peters admirer for a long time prior to they started dating.

Evan Peters And Halsey

She had been an Evan Peters admirer for a long time before Halsey and Evan dating. In November 2013 and November 2014, the singer tweeted, ‘Petition for Evan Peters to date me’ and, ‘I’m a f***ing liar I’m so in love with Evan Peters I’m so whipped, I’m whipped as f***!.’ respectively.

Peters was caught out on a date with the pop artist in September 2019. Their romance continued for several months until coming to an end in March 2020, ostensibly amicably. 

The cause of the breakup is unknown, but Halsey deleted all of the actor’s images from her Instagram and liked a tweet criticizing him.

Evan Peter’s Short-Lived Relationship

Evan Peters has been associated with a number of famous actors and models, but his most well-known partnerships have been with Halsey and Emma Roberts.

Alexandra Breckenridge, guest star of American Horror Story’s season 1, and Peters dated each other. 

According to Distractify, the ex-couple dated for several years before the 2011 premiere of the show.

Peters met actor Alexia Quinn while they were both working on the play Living at Home and grew close. 

They dated for a brief period of time before calling it quits shortly after Peters started filming Adult World.

And in 2010, 23-year-old Peters started dating the 19-year-old model Pixie Geldof. Before breaking up in 2011, they dated for roughly a year.

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