Exogun DreamPro Review: Best Alternative of a Massage Therapist

Exogun dreamPro

ExoGun DreamPro is a miraculous device to treat muscular pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. It also helps you recover fast after a tiring day or determined workouts at the gym.

What is ExoGun DreamPro?

It is a handheld massaging device that works on the principles of percussion therapy. This device is popular worldwide for delivering instant relief from fatigue, chronic pain and muscular tension. High impact recovery with shallow impact on deep tissue during massage is the promise. 

Before we go further, you need to know what percussion therapy is.

What is Percussion Therapy

Percussive therapy is basically a massaging technique with the help of a percussion gun. Vibrations and intense pulses from the gun help improve blood circulation, muscular tension, clustered veins etc. it is not an ordinary vibration massaging technique; it has a sign-up and down motion on the motorized head, which is 15-times more effective.

A small study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found percussive therapy is effective as massage in preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). 

Percussion Method is Ideal For

  • Chronic muscle conditions related to tension, strains, and spasms
  • Pain caused by acute injuries.
  • Melting tense muscle knots
  • Releasing up troublesome fascia.
  • Increase blood flow
  • Ease from soreness
  • Increase range of muscular motion

How Exogun DreamPro Works?

Exogun DreamPro is synonymous with an expert massage therapist.

It is different and more potent as compared to other percussion therapy guns. It focuses on reducing swelling by draining out extracellular fluids like venous blood, clots, and lymph fluid out of the muscle tissues into the circulatory system. When extracellular fluid is flushed into the circulatory system, the regular body cleansing process throws this blood out of the body.

It works effectively against adhesion and muscle tightening. It also helps break up scar tissue minimize muscle soreness and tension. A focused vibrating force from ExoGun DreamPro triggers the pressure points deep into the muscles.  Rapid, concentrated pulsating strokes from percussion guns quickly reduce muscle inflammation or stiffness.

Percussion massage from ExoGun DreamPro help athletes recovers faster from workouts by breaking up problematic fascia and enhancing blood flow in tired, stiff or sore muscles.  Lactic acid buildup might make your muscles pain the next day. On the other hand, a percussive massager can reduce such symptoms by increasing blood flow to fatigued areas.

Features Of ExoGun DreamPro

1. Speed and Power

The ExoGun DreamPro is a powerful product with a motor that exerts 1,200 to 3,200 percusses per minute. As compared to similar products like Theragun’s three models, Sportneer Elite D9 and Hypervolt Go, the speed and power of ExoGun DreamPro are much higher.

The speed adjustment feature is also available. You have six-speed settings to change as per your requirements. 20-53 Hz vibrating speed range with highly responsive ShockSmart Sensitivity.

Another highlighting design feature is its supportiveness towards manual pressure applied on the gun against your muscles. To avoid any damage to your tissues, the machine has a built-in sensor that turns off the machine when 60 pounds per square inch of pressure is applied. (Other guns usually speeds down or stops instantly when even minor manual pressure is applied.)

For athletes and gym enthusiasts who can bear a pain threshold above 60 pounds, machines offer a stroke length of 16mm. It is a quite unique feature for massaging devices.

It simply indicates the distance the attachment travels between the machine and your body, and it impacts how much force it can dole out.

2. Long Battery Life and Portable

ExoGun DreamPro is lightweight 2.5lbs, handy and comes in a small safety bag.  It can be carried in normal-sized ladies purses, backpacks, laptop bags, gym bags, and briefcases.  It is designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere. You can keep it at home, in the office or in your suitcase when travelling.

Its cordless functioning is flawless. Battery life offered by ExoGun DreamPro is leading in the market. The battery is 2400 mAh which works 4-6 hours per single charge. One single charge takes a maximum of four hours—one-month battery life when not in use.

3. Noiselessness

Noise is very irritating when you are in pain or too exhausted. The sound seems inconsiderate feature, but 40% of massager users complain about the irritation and stress caused by their machines.

So ExoGun DreamPro is designed to facilitate users in this segment as well. It is one of the quietest machines available in the market. It only produces 70db with a 24V brushless motor.

4. Accessories and Attachments

  • 1 Charging cable for 110 – 240 Volts
  • One zipper carrying case
  • 1 ExoGun DreamPro
  • 4 Attachment Heads
  • 1 User Manual
  • One year Warranty Card
  • 4 Replaceable Massage Heads

Large Ball Head is designed to treat both large and medium muscle groups, also effective for areas near joints. It is the most commonly used attachment.

Flat Head is a multipurpose attachment for denser massaging.  From the pecs to the glutes, the flathead can provide focused pressure on muscles. It never hurts your tissues or bones because of its design and perfectly smooth, flowy edges.

Bullet Head is used to treat pain and stiffness in a particular spot. It triggers pressure points and eases the knots—ideal for the shoulder area and different ligament attachment points.

Fork Head designed for the spine, the upper side of the calf, along the Achilles tendon and neck. Two prolonged heads with a gap allow you to target areas without hitting your bones.

Price Comparison

ExoGun DreamPro Price $159.00 Sale

Hypervolt costs $300.00 on the company website and Amazon* and have a 90-watt motor instead of the 60 watts. In contrast, ExoGun DreamPro is available at a $159.00 Sale on ExoGun.com and have a brushless 60-watt motor.