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Take the Precaution in Fanciest Way Possible with the Best Face Masks

best face masks to buy in 2021

As the latest Covid-19 pandemic’s toll grows, so has the use of a face mask. The face masks were unknown to the world before the corona outbreak. It has become one of the wardrobe staples than just an ordinary accessory of our life.

Our top picks for best face masks

  1. Best for Inhaling: VENYSS Reusable Face bandanas
  2. Best for a workout: Under Armour Sport Facemask
  3. Best Fitting: BLOCH Adult Reusable Facemask
  4. Best for sensitive skin: Mulberry Silk Face Mask
  5. Best anti-fog: CLARITY Transparent Shield Face Mask
  6. Best Filter for your Face masks: KELLYKASA 5 Layers Filter Paper

What makes the face mask so important

Face masks have become a presentation of the pandemic era, a visual metaphor for the miniature, an unseen viral enemy that could be hanging anywhere.

It’s mind-blowing that how a piece of fabric can prevent such an extensive disease from spreading. The chief barrier that blocks virus-containing particles from spreading from one person to another is a face mask. The face mask’s effort is the least compared to the benefit.

Wear a face mask but make it fancy

The use of masks has grossly grown over the past year. Due to this, immense attention is given to making these masks more fancy, stylish, comfortable, and safe to add spark into your daily lifestyle.

Nowadays, the actual meaning of “Going out” is entirely different than it used to be. face masks are not exactly a fashion accessory, but they cover up a fair amount of domain on your face. To level up your face mask game, we’ve piled up some great yet safe face masks for you to take the precaution in the fanciest way possible.

Reusable face masks


VENYSS Reusable Face bandanas

amazon.com Price: $16.99

The Venyss reusable face bandanas will help you breathe cleaner air. It comes with 8 replaceable filters. The shell can be washed or clean whenever it gets dirty. It is made of cotton fabric, specially shaped to ensure the sealing effect, and acting as a primary barrier to block out the outside particles. The ear loops are pretty stretchy and adjustable.

under armour face masks


Under Armour Sport Facemask

amazon.com Price: $22.00 - $53.12

Health is a priority that keeps you safe from contracting widespread disease. To do that, one needs to work out and exercise regularly. To stay secure even during pandemics, the under armor sports facemask is the perfect mask for you during a workout. This mask has 3-layer to ensure you breathe in a cleaner and healthier way. It is made light in weight with air pockets to enhance the shape. It contains open-cell foam, which lets air through, making sweat and moisture hard to pass.

Bloch adult soft face masks


BLOCH Adult Reusable Facemask


Earlier Price: $21.50
Save: $5.51 (26%)
Deal Price: $15.99

With the combination of a 2:1 Cotton and polyester zinc in fabric, the soft Bloch face mask has a moldable nose pad and a neck lanyard (string/chain) that won’t let you lose your mask anywhere. The fabric is soft yet stretchy, providing a better sealing effect. It has adjustable earloops with ear stoppers to fit the mask perfectly on your face. It is Odor-resistant and environment friendly, which doesn’t let the outside particles in. The nose bridge is moldable to help you find the best and comfortable shape.

Mulberry silk face masks


Mulberry Silk Face Mask

amazon.com Price: $16.99

Who doesn’t like the silky and soft touch of silk against their cheek? This Mulberry silk face mask is perfect for you. Being naturally hypoallergenic, this silk mask is ideal for those who are allergic to dust, etc. It has a comfortable structure with an interior pocket for filter insertion. The earloops let you adjust the mask perfectly.

clarity face masks


CLARITY Transparent Shield Face Mask

amazon.com Price: $24.95

Some people find it annoying whenever the face mask touches their face. Are you one of them? If you’re, then this transparent shield face mask is just for you. It is made from polycarbonate, Latex, and bps-free. Reliable and lightweight, this face mask has a 3cm tall shield covering the nose. It has an exclusive ergonomic structure that contours your face. You can quickly wear glasses. No need to adjust your ear loops all the time; this shield face mask has mechanics like sunglasses which means you can just put it on without worrying about changing it.

unisex 5 pack face masks


KELLYKASA 5 Layers Filter Paper

amazon.com Price: $19.99

Designed to block away from the dust and airborne particles, this filter paper contains activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth. The 5 layers filter protects you from dust, haze, allergies, pollution, fumes, and ash. The pack has about 100 pieces of filter paper and needs to be replaced every day.


With more and more options populating the market, there are plenty of breathable masks are on the top to consider along with their shape. So we did the homework for you, rounding up the best face masks for you, so you’ll find your new favorite to take precautions during this pandemic.