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Facebook: This Is How Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Compete With Amazon 

The decline in advertising on social networks due to the pandemic has caused Facebook to search for new lines of business.It seems that Amazon finds competitors wherever it looks.In Asia, Aliexpress wins the game and now, in its territory, the United States, a new player appears Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and owner of Instagram, has devised a strategy to compete with the e-commerce giant in its field, and all this at the stroke of ‘like’, or rather ‘buy’.

Facebook: Can It Be The Next Shopping Destination?

This could also boost Facebook’s business, as it gives retailers even more reason to buy ads on the two quintessential social media apps.

The great new feature for companies will be the possibility of designing a showcase on the Facebook page itself or an Instagram profile. Thus, allowing people to browse and buy items without leaving the applications.

Zuckerberg likewise said that in the coming months Instagram would add a shopping tab to the application’s principal route bar, expanding the permeability of this usefulness for application clients.

“This is the greatest advancement we’ve taken up until now (in web-based business),” Zuckerberg said in a declaration gushed live on Facebook a week ago.

This initiative comes amid a health crisis that has increased online shopping since in most countries quarantine measures have been imposed that have restricted access to stores.

In the United States, according to Nielsen data, electronic commerce has grown 62% due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, the coronavirus has caused many companies to stop investing in Internet advertising since their businesses are paralyzed. This situation has hurt companies like Facebook, where a large part of their income comes from this source.

However, the current scenario has been beneficial for companies like Amazon or Aliexpress, now Facebook and Instagram do not want to be left behind.

Back in 2014, Facebook tried its luck with online purchases of products with ads, but that initiative never took off.

Facebook has also tried to join big brands like Zara to sell its products directly on the apps. Although they were well received, they were not successful either. Will Mark Zuckerberg finally succeed? It has yet to be seen.


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