Successful Fashion Entrepreneurs & Secret of Becoming A fashion Icon

A fashion entrepreneur is a person whose main activities go within the fashion industry, who has a hold on the fashion industry, venture or idea, and allows major responsibility for the basic opportunities and result.

There are a number of fashion entrepreneurs who are doing their part, changing the way of thinking and being successful in the fashion industry. The following are the list of those individual icons in fashion entrepreneurship.

1. Tamara Mellon:

Tamara Mellon is the former Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of the Jimmy Choo empire. She has recently revealed her own fashion collection, leather legging boots. Tamara Mellon is very expressed about encouraging women for chasing her dream. In her new book ‘In My Shoes’, she opened up about her struggles and accomplishments, both in her personal life and in her career.

Tamara Mellon

2. Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark:

Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark are the brains behind The Coveteur, a stylish and inspirational website that takes us inside some of the greatest tastemakers’ wardrobes. The two Canadian best friends desired to take fashion blogging a step ahead by chronicling and deconstructing clothes. Both friends recently included a thriving and attractive feature to the website, a “shoppable” edit, which permits users to buy some of the highlighted products.

Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark fashion entrepreneurs

3. Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk

Fashion Project is the brainchild of Anna and Christine who are the Harvard Law School graduates. Through this beginning, they are using old high-end fashions into money for charities, in reality, monetizing a good reputation.

Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk

4. Jose Neves

José Neves is the CEO and founder of an online marketplace, which supports the retail movements of self-sufficient boutiques. His profession in the retail business crosses over 10 years, and he is a winner of a British Fashion Award and a Vogue entrepreneurial award.

Jose Neves Fashion Entrepreneur

5. Natalie Massenet

Natalie Massenet is the chairperson of the British Fashion Council and the founder of Net-a-Porter. By providing luxury shopping available everywhere, Natalie has proved that the right style and financial progress can be harmonious.


6. Sukhinder Singh

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is Founder & Chairman of JOYUS, a startup of a video shopping program. Earlier, Sukhinder was one of the top Google executives. JOYUS takes the ideas of shoppers and industry specialists for the development, designing an online fashion means that it is also a social platform.


7. Olga Vidisheva

Olga was a model and business analyst at Goldman Sachs. She is a graduate of Harvard Business school before she chose to capitalize on her passion for fashion and telecommunications by establishing Shoptiques. By working with hundreds of international boutiques, this quickly developing online destination gives fashionistas with access to fashion-forward patterns.

Olga-Vidisheva Fashion-Entrepreneur

8. Hilary Peterson:

Hilary Peterson is the VP of Business Development for Lyst, a rapidly developing fashion tech organization that tries to personalize and customize online shopping. By operating with retailers, international brands, and bloggers, Lyst aggregates its audience’s preferred designers and products in one platform.

Hilary Peterson fASHION

9. Melody McCloskey

Melody McCloskey is the founder of StyleSeat, a platform that carries beauty and wellness experts togther and supports them to rise and manage their businesses.


10. Julia Grinham

A digital media expert, A few years ago, Julia Grinham started bespoke shoe designer company Upper Street with her sister. well what is interesting about this company? The reality is that the company enables women to create their own elegant, hand-made shoes design online.


These are the successful fashion entrepreneurs who have made their names in their fields but what encouraged them and what are the secrets of being successful is not easy to find out.

So, let’s discover some of the tips of how to become a successful fashion icon with us.

How To Become Successful Fashion Entrepreneur?

Starting, managing, and building a business needs a lot of effort. Along with long working hours, settlement, sacrifice, and a lot of pressure, each day carries new barriers to succeed. Simply, you can say, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Although there is not a hidden code for progress, there are common characteristics that prosperous entrepreneurs share. And when it comes to the unusual business of fashion, here are certain traits that are a must.

  • Ambition and Passion:

A passion for fashion is the energy to get you to success, it is arguably the most essential component.

If you are in the fashion industry, it is expected you already have passion and ambition in spades. Let it keep your motivation high; your fondness for the industry will be the most powerful influence to keep promoting forward.

  • Determination:

Success does not come easily. A business needs time to rise and progress. And required even more time to be prosperous. There should not be any haste. There will be challenging times. Things will look unmanageable. You will want to give up, but you can’t. You require to fight off those urges and move ahead and continue. Determination is the only disagreement between those who give up on their goals and those who turn their dream into a great reality.

  • Confidence:

Any entrepreneur requires a strong reserve of self-belief. After all, if you do not have confidence in your own product, how can you demand others to purchase into it? However, too much confidence can be as harmful as none.

Confidence can be tricky to maintain, and while it is normal to have times of self-doubt, you will require to fall back on an in-built insight of confidence when times get hard.

  • Versatility:

Fashion is a fast-paced business, which requires constant change. As an entrepreneur, you need to be resilient, versatile, and adaptable for the developing requirements of your business. Master to act accordingly before new approaches and possibilities lose their glow.

  • Efficient Communication:

Your skill to communicate will influence your capability to inspire others, your skill to grow relationships, and finally, your capability to deliver outcomes. So the progress of your business will depend on your skill to communicate your thoughts and ideas to get people to buy into your brand.

  • Risk-Taking:

As an entrepreneur, it is must to be satisfied with risk. Entrepreneurs take risks, and they make an effort. Intelligent entrepreneurs can recognize and decrease business risk. But when the opportunity comes, they step out of their comfort zone and attack risk by taking action.

  • Optimistic

Strong fashion entrepreneurs are not fearful of defeat. Things do not always go according to the plan. And sometimes things collapse. Get content with the concept of failure. It will occur to you. But it is important to do not accept defeat. Successful entrepreneurs perceive failure as an opportunity or a chance to discover their errors. So when you get down to your knees, you must get yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going onward.

  • Business Understanding:

Of course, even if you include all of these characteristics, you may not go ahead without a thorough knowledge or understanding of business. As cutting-edge business tactics proceed to develop today’s fashion industry, fashion entrepreneurs must be able to apply tactics that will benefit them negotiate this commercially-driven sector.

  • Perception:

As the originator of a brand, one must maintain a clear perception of what you want your brand to be. Your perception determines who you are, what you want to do, and where you want to lead. Your perception cannot be unclear. It requires to be developed, specific, and accurate. It needs to be transparent. Your vision has got a lot to do with how your journey is going to be in the coming times.

Flexibility Fashion is a fast-changing industry, always revealing signs of development. Women’s fashion changes in no time. either it is women handbags or jewelry. As a fashion entrepreneur, you should be adaptable which means you should be willing to confront to the changing trends of your business. The fashion industry always attempts to create new designs. Learn to act quickly and adapt your design according to the market trend. Collect the new data and add the fire with your new ideas.

  • Stay Up-to-Date of Fashion Trends

It is necessary to stay on the edge of the latest fashion trends, which will enable your business to remain popular and cater to shifting consumer requirements. To do so, keep up-to-date with the newest looks, read different fashion magazines, attend fashion weeks, and familiarize yourself with up-and-coming designers.

Hope this detailed article able to clear queries related to fashion entrepreneur and it will help you to develop some necessary skill to achieve the level of successful entrepreneurs.


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