Faye A Eldridge Managing Director & Founder

Faye A Eldridge: Managing Director & Founder

Faye A Eldridge is known as a Marketing person & business developer from a target driven sales background. Faye A Eldridge is a Microsoft Digital Advocate, Hubspot Digital Certified, holds a Masters (MA) Degree and is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and holds MCIM status at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Faye A Eldridge was involved in marketing agency research that assisted with the successful merger of BNY Mellon. Faye has worked on campaigns on behalf of AOL, Nokia, Barclaycard, Bank of New York, Thomas Cook currency and American Express. Involved in a start-up that went from £0 to £m+. Faye has also helped with Microsoft & Fortinet partner projects.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to start your business?

I got fed up of being told what to do. Fed up of being restricted and fed up of being told, ‘no, you can’t do that.’

I started in telesales at the age of 17, getting the nation off of dial-up and onto proper broadband. No one wanted to have to get off a phone call so that their child could use the internet for their homework. I wasn’t selling broadband as such; I was selling a solution to an annoying problem. I was happy as I was making commission and they (the customers) were happy as they could finally use the phone and the internet at the same time. (no, I am not trying to make you feel old reading this!)

It was a win-win transaction.

That’s what I decided I wanted to do in business, to create win-win situations, to develop valuable relationships and to provide transactions that solve issues, provide value and put a smile on someone’s face.

I have always been driven to learn, explore and to solve problems. I knew that setting up the business was a risk. Some people told me I would be mad to quit my job but I still did. I wanted to remove the restrictions of a 9 – 5 for one employer. I decided to look at the long term goal, not the short term. 

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How did you get your idea or concept for the business? 

In my early – the mid-twenties, I spent years listening to the sales, marketing and tech challenges that CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and other C-level executives faced which were often around commercial aspects like getting leads, using digital and selling. 

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This pushed me to launch FYAMI.COM, a mix of marketing and tech solutions, to enable businesses to overcome their challenges.

How many people work for you currently?

We have seven freelancers and consultants who help us to run our business

What advice would you have for other new entrepreneurs?

Take care of your mind. Don’t listen to the negativity and the people who say you can’t do it: Under-Promise and over-deliver. If you’re not the best at selling, you may need to get someone on board that is good at this. You have to start somewhere. 

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made? 

Best Purchase – MA university educational fees. It was worth it. I met some fantastic people from all over, including from Europe, Pakistan, China and India.

The worst purchase was when we hired a web agency some years back and we didn’t do enough due diligence and as a result, we did not get what we wanted and a lot of time, money and effort went down the drain. We learned a lesson.

What is The One Package and why did you launch it?

The One Package is a monthly subscription package giving entrepreneurs, start-ups, those who are self-employed people, contractors, consultants and small businesses access to both marketing and technology expertise for a small monthly fee. 

This package is likely to be popular within the finance, legal and property sectors. The average salary of a CMO and CTO is around £100k a year. Businesses can now gain access to a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) from as little as £499 per month. 

The importance of businesses having marketing and technology expertise available when required in this digital world is key. Successful marketing and technology collaboration will help firms to be more productive, more cyber secure and arguably more profitable.

 Who supported you the most in your life?

Caffeine has a role to play there…  The loyal ones… They know who they are.

Which books do you read and recommend to get inspiration and motivation?

 Books to read, 

What are your future plans? 

  1. To increase turnover from 6 figures to 7 figures in the 2020 – 2021 tax year.
  2. To help young people with their passion via our grant offering to UK residents.
  3. More on that here to grow more SMEs with FYAMI partnerships.
  4. To drink fewer energy drinks. 

How people should contact you?

Via our website FYAMI.COM, via email or connect with Faye on Linkedin 


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