First Urology Louisville KY Adapts ‘Lifting Policy’ Post A.D.A. Allegations

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First Urology Louisville KY recently settled for $60,000 to address allegations of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations.

As the largest provider of urologic care in the greater Louisville and Southern Indiana area.

First, Urology faced accusations of failing to provide people with mobility disabilities equal access to its services and facilities. 

The point of these allegations was First Urology’s ‘Lifting Policy,’ which resulted in the denial of treatment to patients with mobility disabilities. 

This policy mandated that patients bring their equipment or get help from friends and family to move to examination tables or diagnostic equipment.

The settlement arose following complaints from three patients who were denied treatment due to the clinic’s adherence to this controversial policy.

Making Healthcare fair and accessible: First Urology’s promise

Michael A. Bennett, a person who helps make sure laws are followed, talked about a law called the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.). 

He said the A.D.A. is like a rule that stops people from treating others with disabilities unfairly in their everyday activities, even when it comes to going to the doctor.

According to him, it’s not okay for someone to be told they can’t see a doctor just because they might have difficulty moving around.

Recently, a place called First Urology agreed to make things better. 

They promised stuff that helps people with trouble moving, like unique tables and machines.

They also said they would change their rules to make things easier for people with mobility challenges.

The folks at First Urology will even teach their workers about the A.D.A. so they understand how to help everyone better. 

They will also regularly tell everyone how well they follow these new rules. 

This means they are working hard to ensure everyone can get the medical care they need, no matter how they move.

Changes to policy following negligent treatment

After the allegations, three patients took legal action against First Urology by filing a lawsuit with case number 3:20-CV-562 (W.D. Ky.). 

This action shed light on the severity of the issue and how the clinic’s policy negatively affected individuals with disabilities.

The Department of Justice assessed a civil penalty of 15,000 on First Urology.

Notably,$ 45,000 from this penalty will be allocated to compensate the cases denied treatment, admitting the impact on their well-being.

As a response to the legal proceedings and to ensure better treatment for individuals with mobility disabilities, First Urology has amended its policy. 

The revised policy now mandates the clinic to treat individuals with mobility challenges and provide them with necessary assistance. 

Additionally, First Urology commits to making all its medical equipment accessible for individuals with mobility disabilities. 

This includes but is not limited to accessible exam tables, transfer boards, lifts, rails, and other stabilizing equipment.

This proactive change aims to address the shortcomings in accessibility and uphold the rights of individuals with mobility disabilities to receive equal and fair healthcare services.

Modifications to Policies and Training of Staff

Following the legal actions taken by three patients against First Urology, the clinic faced a civil penalty of $15,000 from the Department of Justice.

With $45,000 allocated to compensate the affected patients. 

This penalty underscored the negative impact of the clinic’s policy on people with disabilities.

In response to the legal proceedings and to rectify the situation, First Urology has made significant changes.

First, Urology is changing its policy and making broader modifications to assist individuals with mobility disabilities better.

These modifications extend to the clinic’s policies and involve training staff on the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and related guidelines, regulations, and requirements. 

First, Urology proactively adjusts its operations to align closely with A.D.A. standards, ensuring non-discriminatory healthcare services.

With these changes in place, First Urology has committed to periodically submitting compliance reports to validate its adherence to A.D.A. guidelines. 

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