Frank Iero Opens Up About His Fatal Accident – Frank Iero Bus Accident Story

Frank Lero Bus Accident

Frank Iero is a famous member of the My Chemical Romance. Oct 13, 2016, was the time when Frank Iero had a bus accident. The famous singer revisits the breathtaking time when he was near death.

Below, the articles share all the details of Frank Iero’s bus accident and how his car accident was involved in the incident. He the details of the accident with his fans and also the impact it left on his life. 

Did Frank Iero Have A Bus Accident Or Car Accident? The Complete Story

According to Frank, it was Oct 13, 2016, when he and The Patience were near Sydney’s Twitter headquarters while on tour. 

The crew included Iero, drummer Matt Olsson, guitarist Evan Nestor, manager Paul Clegg, and others who were unloading their gear for the event. 

Suddenly, an overspeeding bus lost control of the road and collided with their car. After the accident, Frank was injured and rushed to the hospital. 

Fortunately, he survived the car accident and recovered in a few days. After his recovery, he came forward to tell that miracle had saved him. 

He said that he was wearing a rucksack. It caused him to drag under the bottom of the bumper. He marked this incident as a miracle because the collision could have killed him. 

Frank said, “I ended up underneath the bumper of this massive vehicle. From my vantage point, I saw Evan but I could not see Paul but I could hear him.”

He added, “I thought whoever I couldn’t see or hear had to be dead, and if they weren’t dead yet, then will all be dead soon.”

What Happened To Frank Iero And The Patience?

When Frank and The Patience found themselves stuck in a crucial situation, they decided to be a little cautious towards their recovery. 

The crew decided to cancel all their events taking place on the Australia tour. After canceling all the events, they went back to the US for further treatment.

‘The Patience’ and Frank remain very cautious nowadays, and they have held a security barrier around them. 

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