Frankie Quiroz: CEO & Founder of Tuned in Tokyo

Interview with Frankie Quiroz is the Founder of Tuned in Tokyo and several other clothing brands. Starting from rock bottom in a small town in Riverside, California. Frankie Quiroz achieved acclaim by building his first 7-Figure Clothing Empire known as Tuned in Tokyo (the leader in automotive apparel and social media popular brand with over 1 million organic followers) in the summer of 2015.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to start your business?

Yes of course! I’m super stoked for this interview. I’ve dreamt of building a clothing empire since I was 16 years old. I fell in love with clothing and Fashion in my early days of high school. Stussy, LRG, and Staple Pigeon were just a few brands that heavily inspired me to start creating and designing.

Besides clothing, I was obsessed with the Hollywood rapper lifestyle. Although Hollywood was only 50 minutes away from Riverside, California, it felt like a different planet compared to my current situation. Living in a lower-class environment, this dream of mine felt like a long shot. I remember reading almost every article, blog, or source of information I could find on building a clothing brand. I wanted to follow the same blueprint that was created before me.

Honestly, I was just so fired up about getting the hell out of Riverside and living out my destiny. No one or nothing was going to stop me from it. After designing my first three shirts, I scraped up as much money to get them into production.

I started off selling them out of my trunk in high school and slowly started taking over my city little by little. I had soon gained support from famous local rappers to my high school principal wearing my shirts. I made enough money that I didn’t need a job in high school and I stopped asking my parents for help when I was 14. From there, I knew I had the potential to make it happen.


How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Streetwear, Fashion, and life just slapped me in the face one day. I knew school wasn’t for me since kindergarten. I don’t think I’ve ever taken school seriously due to how many schools I’ve been too growing up. My guess is I’ve attended at least 15 different schools. I was broke, my parents were broke, and everyone around me was broke. I was fed up with my current situation at the time and decided to act on building my clothing brand.

How many people work for you currently?

My team size in January 2020 is currently 35 people. It’s pretty overwhelming honestly, but luckily I have fantastic partners that help manage operations.

What advice would you have for other new entrepreneurs?

Chase difficulty. Entrepreneurship isn’t rainbows and Lambos as all these Fake “Gurus” portray it to be. It’s going to take all of you plus more. Do your best to level up everyday.

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Your business is only as big as YOU ARE. Everyone also has these negative mental blocks and thoughts that limit your actions. Ignore them. You are not what people say you are and you are not what you currently think you are. Five years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself to be the person I am today, that says a lot of how incorrect we are about ourselves.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next three years?

That’s a difficult question to answer since my industry market size is so big, but I can say this, we pretty much double our revenue every year. But we’re shooting for the moon now, 9-Figures per Year is along the way, but it’s on the radar.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Great Question, I bought my mom a brand new car in 2019. Also, any investment in growing your knowledge and personal self is well money spent. I spent $100,000 on joining a 100 Million Mastermind. The worst purchases have been my cars starting with my Audi R8. I lost $20,000 in that deal and the continuous losses with cars kept stacking up. Luckily I managed to get rid of all of them and can now focus on growing myself and businesses instead of flexing and buying liabilities.


Who supported you the most in your life?

My mom and dad. Plain and Simple. If our finances could be measured in love, we’d be the wealthiest family in the world. They believed in me when no one else did and encouraged me to pursue my entrepreneurship.

Which books do you read and recommend to get inspiration and motivation?

I’m not a big reader; I’m working on reading more every day, though. One thing for sure, I’m all in. Some people have hobbies, like playing sports and video games. This is my sport and my hobby; I am utterly obsessed with seeing how far I can go in this life. I listen to music about once or twice a month. I listen to at least two podcasts every day, read two articles, and watch two in detail videos on growing myself. I recommend listening to the MAX OUT podcast by Ed mylett, MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella, The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes, and Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. I also recommend joining masterminds; you could learn a lot from others by how they manage their businesses.

What are your future plans?

Besides Tuned in Tokyo, I have other brands that have flourished into multi-millions per Year. I don’t talk about them as much until I dominate the market, I’ll share my secrets once I’ve made it to the top of the mountain to avoid competition. We’ll be doing $20,000,000 Per Year within the next couple of years. 9-Figures a year is definitely on the radar nowadays. I am also taking my personal brand more serious. For some reason I’m drawn to helping others that remind me of myself, I understand what it’s like to have nothing but feel like you can have it all one day.

How people should contact you?

Yup! Follow me on instagram @frankiequirroz and check out my youtube channel


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