Curtain Calculators for Curtain Sewing Cost

From Hours to Minutes: Curtain Calculators for Curtain Sewing Cost

In the textile industry, a Curtain Calculator has been developed as an alternative to the invariable calculator.

Innovation in terms of technology has always been a slow pace for the textile industry. For the last 20 years, the industry is using predefined programs that are made for executive work only. Curtain Calculator is a name of innovation for one of the oldest and least innovative industries in the world; for the textile industry.

Darius Baltunis

Darius Baltunis – Co Founder

To date, even in the twenty-first century, a simple calculator has been an indispensable tool in the textile industry, which sometimes calculates the final price of complex orders from hours to days. However, Darius Baltunis, co-founder of curtains and interior salon Admaja, has developed an alternative to the instrument, which has not been available in this specific niche until now, the Curtains Calculator, according to a news release.

This program solves a very clear problem by automating curtain sewing calculations that are still performed worldwide by hand and with a simple calculator, or by programs not suited to this task, like Excel, which make it extremely difficult to get the right answer. Curtains Calculator calculates any full draperies order in less than 5 minutes, saving tens of hours of work per day for corporate shareholders. The spreadsheet also eliminates the possibility of errors and modernizes one of the oldest but innovation-rarely affected the textile industry

Innovation in terms of technology has always been a slow pace for the textile industry. For the last 20 years, the industry is using predefined programs that are made for executive work only. Curtain Calculator is a name of innovation for one of the oldest and least innovative industries in the world; for the textile industry.

Even the most advanced countries have no counterpart to the calculator:

Before setting his sights on developing a sophisticated tool to facilitate the computational process, Baltunis was looking for a counterpart in the market, but research has shown that, even in this millennium, the process is still manual.

“Every year we participate in textile exhibitions where we discuss specific issues and challenges that arise in this niche with suppliers from North America, Europe, Asia. During conversations with colleagues from around the world, I noticed a tendency in the textile industry to make complex and time-consuming order-to-order calculations on paper, using a pen and calculator. So, at one exhibition in Germany, attended by over 15,000 curtain business owners, suppliers, designers and architects, we decided to do market research to see if the textile industry entrepreneurs use any modern tool to calculate complex orders. The result is staggering – 100 percent of respondents in the survey, even from the most advanced countries, still use an old fashion way to calculate draperies, by hand and simple calculator, ”says Baltunis.

Instead of a few hours – a few minutes:

The developer of the unique program claims that this curtain calculator was primarily intended to solve the problems of its own salon sales process, as long calculations often resulted in the loss of potential buyers. Each order of a customer choosing a curtain is individual, calculated from a variety of components such as height, width, length, stitches, fabrics, weights, strips and different fabrics of height and width that are interconnected. An old fashion way, using hand and simple calculator, calculations can take several hours or even days.

Curtain Calculator : Darius Baltunis

“Together with our team, we have developed a tool that performs even the most complex hour-to-hour calculations in 5 minutes. For example, in a market investigation, we found out that a famous British designer estimates the price of curtains for castles and museums, weighing several hundred kilograms and made using special technology, for as little as two or three weeks. And with the Curtains Calculator, you can get an answer in just a few minutes, ”says Baltunis.

He also stresses that textile industry employees’ mistakes cost business owners thousands of euros per year – about 4-5 percent of annual turnover. Curtains Calculator eliminates the possibility of errors by 100 percent.

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Curtains Calculator sales will begin in the second half of the summer, and companies from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, India, etc., are already testing and launching this innovative tool.

“We received only positive feedback from companies that use product testing rights. Also, the number of business and industry professionals just confirmed the need for such a tool in the textile market. All of our potential customer traffic has been generated organically. We only have Facebook, Instagram, and service website pages, ”says D. Baltunis.

For the success of the new product – back to university:

Today, Darius Baltunis can enjoy growing company profits, and he believes business success has been driven by strategic steps such as moving the salon to a strategically viable location, refining and expanding the product basket, and installing the Curtains Calculator. He made these decisions with the determination to become a student again, to deepen his knowledge and to master the subtleties of business management at the University, Executive MBA.

Darius Baltunis Business owner

“Curtains Calculator has become my two-year job and the main focus of my research. During the Executive MBA studies, I refined the Curtains Calculator idea, applied it to a case study, and wrote a master thesis from which I delved into the subtleties of positioning for different segments. A survey of potential customers allowed us to evaluate which elements of our value proposition were not as relevant to our customers as we expected, but we also saw other needs that would allow the Curtains Calculator to develop into a comprehensive textile business management system. So the draperies calculator was alive and changing throughout my studies at University until it eventually became a high-potential innovation, ”says Darius Baltunis.

Updating the study style and course plan:

This innovative Curtain Calculator is an adequate solution student. Currently, it was introduced in several of Canada’s institutes to ease the hassle of students. It will reduce the time of calculation and will help students to focus on other major domains of textile and interior designing.


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