Gabriella Wesberry: Behind the Scenes of Mick Hucknall’s Love Life

Gabriella Wesberry

Gabriella Wesberry, a prominent figure in the United Kingdom, has garnered attention for her association with the celebrated English singer, lyricist, and composer, Mick Hucknall.

Married to Mick since 2010, Gabriella Wesberry has shared in the life of the frontman of Simply Red, a band that enjoyed massive success over a 25-year career.

She has played a vital role, not only as the director of Mick’s wine company, Il Cantante but also possibly as an art dealer.

Let’s delve into Gabriella Wesberry’s background.

Learn about her marriage to Mick Hucknall and their family life. Gain insight into the world of this remarkable couple.

Mick Hucknall spotted with wife, and daughter

Gabriella Wesberry’s husband, Mick Hucknall, changed his appearance.

He covered his red hair with a cap while out with his wife of 53 years and their sixteen-year-old daughter Romy.

The 63-year-old leader of Simply Red enjoyed an evening walk with his family and their dog in London, wearing pants and a blue polo shirt.

Gabriella Wesberry spotted

Who is Gabriella Wesberry?

Gabriella, who is from England, was born in 1971.

She became well-known when her romantic relationship with Mick Hucknall, the lead singer of the extremely popular band Simply Red, became public.

While she was busy working as an art dealer and learning six languages, her life changed unexpectedly when she met Mick.

Gabriella Wesberry

Gabriella Wesberry Marriage

Gabriella and Mick tied the knot in 2010 at the stunning 16th-century Forter Castle in Glenisla, Perthshire, Scotland.

It was a formal ceremony, although they had been together since 1995.

Just eight guests attended their wedding. The couple had a brief break-up when Mick went on an 18-month tour.

Gabriella Wesberry Marriage

In 2007, Gabriella and Mick announced their pregnancy, and they welcomed their daughter, Romy True Hucknall, at the exclusive Portland maternity hospital in London.

Who is Gabriella Wesberry’s husband?

Michael James Hucknall, born on June 8, 1960, is an acclaimed English singer-songwriter gaining recognition worldwide in the 1980s.

Hucknall had a 25-year career as the lead vocalist and songwriter for Simply Red.

They sold over 50 million CDs. Rhythms hailed him as a “truly great blue-eyed soul singer,” and Q praised him as “the most prodigious voice this side of Motown.”

Hucknall’s journey in the music industry began in the late 1970s when he joined Frantic Elevators, driven by his passion for vibrant music.

Gabriella Wesberrys husband

It was during this time that he attended the notable Sex Pistols’ June 1976 performance at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall.

Eventually, after the Frantic Elevators released four singles, Hucknall collaborated with Simply Red and recorded a version of their iconic hit “Holding Back the Years.”

With an impressive musical legacy and an undeniable talent, Michael James Hucknall remains an iconic figure in the world of music.

Gabriella Wesberry’s Husband Reveals Sleeping with 3,000 Women!

According to Mick Hucknall, he “doesn’t miss” his crazy womanizing and partying days.

At the height of his career, the Simply Red vocalist is infamously believed to have had sexual relations with over a thousand women. 

Including Martine McCutcheon, Helena Christensen, Melanie Sykes, Steffi Graf, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Though he had a “good time” in his 1980s heyday, the 62-year-old now acknowledges. 

He loves his more recent tranquil life with his wife Gabriella Wesberry and their 15-year-old daughter Romy just as much.

Gabriella Wesberry’s Net worth

According to various reports, Gabriella Wesberry, the director of Il Cantante, Mick’s wine company, is also said to have a role as an art dealer.

It is speculated that her net worth exceeds $100,000.

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