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All About “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”, All Ages of Geek’s New Sci-Fi VTuber Web Series

All Ages of Geek has recently announced their release of a brand new VTuber sci-fi web series, Galaxy-Boy Delivery. This interactive series will feature two new VTuber hosts Stilo and Korl in exciting space adventures twice a week.

All Ages of Geek is all about geeks and geek culture. Those who have embraced their inner fan-geek will be thrilled by the content provided by the interactive streaming service. Focused on providing reactions to nerd media in the form of subscriptions on their Patreon, All Ages of Geek is set to deliver this new original, online show directly on their YouTube Channel.

“Galaxy-Boy Delivery”, All Ages of Geek’s New Sci-Fi VTuber Web Series

It is now official: VTubers have greatly impacted the marketing world. They are not only a new type of influence, but also provide a unique touch for campaigns. Companies such as Sony Music Entertainment’s “VEE” VTuber Project has changed the music industry by far. This new wave of influencers has moved far beyond what was considered conventional. The idea behind a VTuber interaction is to escape into the mind of an avatar and create not an online persona, but an identity. This is where All Ages of Geek steps in.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery will be the first online and original web series of All Ages of Geek and the recently formed (set to launch) Stec Studio a multimedia publisher of tech, literacy and online media.

Katya Stec, the show runner and host of numerous productions and Tatiana Stec the Co-Founder of All Ages of Geek, have pulled off something marvelous by getting inspiration from classic entertainment titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball, Steven Universe and Super Sentai.

“We aren’t afraid to say where our inspirations come from. And with Galaxy-Boy Delivery there are a ton of geek culture references throughout the interactive plot.” Katya Stec mentioned talking about the design of VTuber Stilo and his inspiration for more “prince” type anime characters and Link from The Legend of Zelda.

The family friendly Galaxy-Boy Delivery will be presented in a webisode format of video logs. This means, the stylization of the series will be somewhat like classic PBS Kids shows or Nick Jr, where characters like Dora the Explorer would talk directly to the audience and address either a lesson or just make the audience visualize an idea. Each episode will be a log number, and while outlined the VTubers will improvise their content to a degree.

The unique offering of the web series will be its weekly episodic format. There will be an underlying plot and provide a story to the overall recipe. It will be necessary to follow webisodes to truly unravel the universe’s mysteries. Galaxy-Boy Delivery also features other VTubers on their Twitter page to visit their “spaceship” which links back to the All Ages of Geek website for an interview about the VTuber peer’s journey.

According to the Stec Sisters “…as long as a VTuber is SFW they can be interviewed and featured on Galaxy-Boy Delivery. SFW VTubers are important to us given that Galaxy-Boy Delivery is aimed at a younger demographic.” VTubers of any size can also promote their work and network with each other on the official All Ages of Geek Discord server.

To create such a project is a monumental task in itself. All Ages of Geek has collaborated with creative minds from around the world with freelancers pitching in from Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Trinidad, The Philippines and more.

The animator known as @RedOgna on Twitter is also animating a cartoon-inspired intro for Galaxy-Boy Delivery which Stec Studio aims to create a Kickstarter funded, online cartoon in the future. Because the entire series is an independent project and crowd-funded by Patreon pledgers and sister team Stec Studio, all of the pledgers are expected to get benefits for their contributions to the series. These will include weekly comics created by Katya and Tatiana Stec on the official Galaxy-Boy Delivery Twitter, WebToons and the principal company’s newsletters.

The audience will also get the opportunity to interact with the fictional world in Galaxy-Boy Delivery and create their own characters in the universe.

“Patrons to the upcoming Stec Studio Patreon Page will be given the chance to get their characters featured in a weekly Galaxy-Boy Delivery comic. All of our projects outside of our All Ages of Geek work will be featured on the Stec Studio Patreon and give backers a chance to get their original characters featured in a future web and print series.”

And although live streams are not yet announced, bi-weekly episodes will vary between interactive gameplay episodes and regular space exploration logs. There are also other activities and deliverables on the way such as word searches, crosswords, coloring pages for kids etc.

The core intention behind the project by the creators is to present an educational and entertaining experience to its customers through VTuber entertainment. The interactive game/cartoon inspired Galaxy-Boy Delivery will also incorporate post-webisode shorts which will highlight life lessons and other referential material. The core purpose of these shorts would be to create awareness and educate along with appealing younger audiences to the world of VTubers.

“VTubers have proved time and time again to be the future of entertainment and marketing. It’s not just about a funny anime character popping up on your screen and spending hours playing a game or watching a show. It’s the creative mindset and stories that go into VTubers that make projects like Galaxy-Boy Delivery so amazing to work on.” Katya Stec said in reference to why VTubers are changing the ways of business and online media. “We’re also working with companies such as VoxPop Games to distribute a future Galaxy-Boy Delivery video game and support indie game developers using Stilo and Korl as the main hosts.”

All Ages of Geek and Galaxy-Boy Delivery can be followed on their official pages on Twitter, YouTube and on their Patreon page. Their website also includes plenty of updates regarding the company, the staff and their newest offerings. Until then happy space travels!

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