Gale Cartwright, CEO Of Shadows Of Death Records

Gale Cartwright, CEO Of Shadows Of Death Records

Exclusive interview with Gale Cartwright, CEO of his own startup music business (Shadows Of Death Records).

 Tell us about yourself? 

I’ve always been a laid-back person, I was just a lot of things to myself and I wanted to share with them in the public side about me or my family I’ve also been a person that always thinks things through.  It high makes sure it’s going to be in my best interest trying not to make errors in my decision-making. I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak just I believe in if you’re going to go after something and you’re going to see it through then you want to take a look at all your options after all even we can make mistakes on a business plan that sounds too good to be true that our eyes it sounds perfect we’re only human after all.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?  

It was a little bit different I ended up being a gothic death metal band and we ended up getting a recording contract for 2.5 years. I just turned 18 and me and my group went to New York to record our first debut album at with  (mi casa records.)  So, we recorded our first EP  entitled (Burial) the company did not really promote us in any way. It wasn’t until I met the following group’s scorpions Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Rob Halford at the time was in flight got a chance to meet him and speak with him and he gave me some advice. Where I met some really good friends Johnny and Frederick from Unleashed.

The purpose of me starting Shadows of death records what you give group’s and so many foreign countries that are corrupt like during the Battle of the Bands they promised groups that win in eventually give it to somebody else that will take the place and that was not right these groups have a lot of talent and I wanted to give their voice and their music the chance to be heard to the public where I could guide them the manager of them while they’re under my company emigrate albums for the public.

I think what drew me at first was I remember what I was a kid I was watching TV and I song Elvis Presley you know the movie special that they made for him when he died I believe it was Kurt Russell that played him remember seeing that movie and I told my parents I’m going to be just like that man right there on TV.  So, I actually get it myself I ran output my flag on the flagpole and when see who answers it as I did.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

The difference between me and my competitors are, they look at the streaming numbers social media they don’t care if the person actually has talent or not they’ll go ahead and sign them me I want to see if they have talent even though that I’ve got a great fan base I’m taking a chance that’s my choice because I believe it’s their music because it’s all about their music and the past and what they have for it that will show in their performance at events or on CD.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

The best books I’ve read us Darkness great book and another one from Dean kenootz can’t remember the title of it. The last one which I like to mention is the one which actually a book that I’ve been working on call Magical Theater

What made you choose this business?

When I was a young kid I worked at a pizza shop I did Roofing and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else music’s been in my blood for years and even when that day comes. when I retire I still have the label and I still have the ability to produce the music I can still see myself the band and it finding ourselves creating their music I’m producing it together to see their dreams come true.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I think Black Sabbath would be one of them Metallica definitely when they did their own record label did their own mass production of their album entering on their own with the freedom that they have was unbelievable I think I wanted to have the same thing.

Do you have any goals for Shadows Of Death Records?

I have one goal starting this year and the following year after that that this company will have a great future with a dead promoters with a base with the best groups that we have to offer and the best music that we will offer the General Public and the groups will perform the hearts out events across all over the world that is a goal that I have for Shadows of death records management booking so we can see the horizon together.

Lastly, any advice to any young aspiring entrepreneurs?

Starting out as an entrepreneur it’s great it can be a little tiring when you start feeling burnt out because you got so many things going on. the groups want so much and they don’t yet understand the need to make a name for themselves then you got to do networking you got to find a creative team to do video editing and I thought a great one this person is showing me so much (Chris Peeters) The underground metal gamer. you can find them on YouTube if you need someone to do reviews or video editing work but the key here is social media network you got to be on top of it you got to be promoting your groups all the time and dealing with event promoters and sticking to your guns that’s the main key right here you just got a network to find the right people the right talent I run it up the flagpole.

How people should connect with you?

I am active on Facebook, Connect me today! 


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