George Hodel Biography, Scandals & Black Dahlia Murder Case

George Hodel

George Hodel was an American physician. He had to struggle a lot at an early stage and literally had to burn the night oil to pursue his career. 

George was also the main suspect of murdering Elizabeth Short, who is known as Black Dahlia.

Before Elizebeth’s murder, he was never charged for the crime. He was a good physician, having a lot of mysteries.

Who Is George Hodel?

George Hodel took his first birth on October 10, 1907. 

He was brought up in Los Angeles, California. He belongs to a Russian family because his parents were from a Russian-Jewish background. George was a single child to his parents.

From his childhood, he was knowledgeable and persuasive. His parents supported him in his education and fostered him in an academic environment.

In one of the IQ tests, he scored 186 marks due to his intelligence. George’s parents were lucky to have an intellectual son. He was also interested in music and was considered to be a musical mastermind.

Hodel studied at South Pasadena High School and graduated at age 15. After that, he entered the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

In June 1932, George acquired the degree of graduation from Berkeley pre-med. Then he immediately moved to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco: and availed his medical degree in June 1936.

At age 20, he was nurtured in the war crisis.  When George Hodel was growing up, the world was facing chaos. 

However, his native country was not involved in WWI but supported its allies, which led to a financial crisis for the world. 

Moreover, due to his relentless hard work and passion for studies, he became the head of the county’s Social Hygiene Bureau, and then he moved to Los Angels for medical practice.

Moreover, he pursued his career as a physician and worked efficiently in some of his experiments.  

It is stated that George lived overseas several times, especially in the Philippines.

George Hodel Scandal And Controversy

While he was studying at university, it was stated that after one year, he was forced to leave the university because of his ill activities.

In some of the reports, it is stated that he was thrown out of a school because he had a s*x scandal with some of the Professor’s wife.

Moreover, during his s*x scandal, he wanted a woman to nurture the child, which she refused.

George Hodel Career

George Hodel was an intellectual person with had a lot of credibility and effectiveness.

He was considered the best Physician in his tenure. In the famous reporting scientist, George was enlisted a remarkable Physician.

Moreover, because of his credibility, efficiency, and relentless work, he was known as the richest person of that time in the USA.

Apart from his physician career, He was captivated by the darker side of Surrealism, which was the cultural movement after WW1. As an entertainment, he also pursued his life in acting.

George Hodel shared his interest in sadomasochism, in which a person receives pleasure by hurting and humiliating others.

He shared the intersection of drinking, dancing, and womanizing. He was eager to do all these activities.

George Hodel Personal Life

Hodel married a woman named Emilia in 1928. They were blessed with one son.  

The name of the sun was Duncan, and his marriage was considered a common-law marriage.

After two years, in1930, George legally married Dorothy Anthony. Anthony was a fashion model and lived in San Francisco. 

After one year, the couple was blessed with a daughter named Tamar.

George Hodel Net Worth

There is no factual data about George’s finance and income. But in some of the reports, we can visualize that he was the wealthiest person in the USA. 

When the world faced war and financial crisis, he had immense wealth

Was George Hodel The Prime Suspect In The Murder Of Black Dahlia?

George was a mysterious person. Someone murdered the woman named Elizabeth short in a way that one could not imagine. When the woman was murdered, she was only 22 years old.

Her naked body was discovered in  Leimert Park, adherent to Los Angeles. Elizabeth’s body was cut in two parts from the waist, and her mouth was cut from ear to ear. 

This case was met with a public emergency. It was the only case of that period, which was highly investigated in Los Angeles.

But, it is stated that the case is never solved yet because of its complications.

However, investigations went on for years, but no one had found the real victim of her murder. 

In the report, when 25 person names were suspected, Hodel was also one of those who were suspected of killing that woman. 

But after a decade, no one was found guilty for the case. Eventually, the issue stopped.

Is It True That George Hodel R*ped Her Daughter? 

Hodel’s had a teenage daughter named Tamar.

He had been blamed for s*xually abusing his daughter. And for this, he faced many trials. 

In some of the trials, his daughter had remained silent. It was suspected that he had threatened her not to speak.

To cap it all, George Hodel was an intellectual person. But he had mysteriously lived his life. He was a complicated and oppressed man. George Hodel spent a dominant and tyrant life.  However, he was a great scientist but had an evil mentality. 

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