Who Are George Jones Children? What Legacy Did He Leave Behind? 

George Jones Children

George is undeniably a force to be reckoned with when it comes to popular music. His name has become synonymous with country music, and many recognize his unique voice and phrasing as some of the best in the industry. 

He originally started performing on the streets, but through hard work he was able to quickly rise up the ranks and build a strong fan base that still carries on today. 

During the last two decades he has earned fame worldwide for releasing multiple hit singles and albums that have consistently ranked on the top ten charts. As such, George is rightfully deemed to be one of the greatest living country singers of this era.

George Jones was a legendary country music artist whose most famous song releases include “Window Up Above” and “Tender Years”.

The collaboration between Jones and Buck Owens, entitled “What’s in Our Heart”, rose to the No. 3 spot on the music charts, signifying their most successful partnership thus far. 

Off-stage, Jones was married four times in his lifetime to Dorothy Bonvillion, Shirley Ann Corley, Tammy Wynette, and Nancy Sepulvado – all big names in the American music scene. Each marriage produced children: Susan Jones Smith, Bryan Jones, Georgette Jones, and Jeffrey Jones accordingly. 

Before achieving stardom for himself, Jones performed on street corners to bring money home for his family and loved ones – an inspiring attitude that has since been imparted on each of his children up until this day.

Susan Jones Smith

George Jones and Dorothy Bonvillion were married in the 1950s, and their union resulted in the birth of Susan. Though they divorced shortly after her birth, Jones has maintained contact with this daughter over the years.

Now with a husband, Harmon Smith, and two children, Jennifer and Michael, as well as two sets of twins grandchildren – Laura and Jason – Susan leads a peaceful life away from the spotlight.

Her family is reportedly close to Jones’ home and often come to visit or stay for extended periods of time.

Bryan Jones

George and his second wife Shirley Ann Corley’s oldest child is Bryan. He resides in Huntsville, Texas, and sells auto parts. Bryan’s younger sister congratulated him on Facebook after he became a grandfather to a child called Jett in 2014.

Bryan and Jeffrey Jones were born to George Jones and Shirley Ann Corley, who were married in 1954. Jones’ two kids have diverged significantly from their father’s musical career. In Vidor, Texas, Jeffery Jones runs a flooring company, and in Huntsville, also in Texas, Bryan Jones sells auto parts.

In 2013, Bryan and Jeffrey attended a Southeast Texas Tribute to George Jones with the earliest, most devoted admirers of the singer in attendance.

Jeffrey Jones

The same Beaumont Enterprise article states that Jeffrey, the second child of George and Shirley Ann, runs a flooring company in Vidor, Texas. Jeffrey is also the parent of two other children.

In the picture down below, he is on the left. Brother Bryan, niece Emery, and his sister Georgette are all present.

Georgette Jones

Tamala Georgette Jones, better known by her stage name Georgette, was the daughter of music legends Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

Only Georgette continues his musical legacy. She collaborated with him on his song “Daddy Come Home” for the first time in 1981.

Tammy Wynette and Jones married in 1969. Together, they recorded many top hits. Tamala Georgette Jones, the youngest of George Jones’ children, was the power couple’s daughter. But Jones and Wynette’s union was troubled, ending in a sad divorce in 1975. At the time, Georgette Jones was only four.

Billy Sherrill was prepared with a record contract the day Georgette Jones was born. Billy, known as one of the top producers in the industry, sent the expectant mother a dozen roses and a signed contract for the child. A signed contract should be noted! She was, after all, the daughter of country music royalty.

Death Of George Jones 

George Jones earned his place in history as an iconic performer in country music, demonstrated by a career spanning more than 5 decades. 

His deep, powerful voice and extraordinary ability to capture the full range of human emotions captivated audiences and made him revered amongst many generations of fans. 

His greatness was recognized by peers, too – Waylon Jennings once said that everyone would sound like George if they could sound like any country music star! He passed away at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville on April 26th, 2013, at the age of 81. His legacy lives on and is celebrated worldwide by lovers of country music.