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George Santos Sister – Why Was She Evicted?

george santos sister

Tiffany Lee Devolder Santos is George Santos sister. George was appointed as the representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district in January 2023 and has served since.

Both George and Tiffany were born to Brazilian parents Fátima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino António dos Santos Jr.

George caught the headlines when it was revealed through the New York Times that he had lied about his work experience and education in his resume.

George eventually admitted lying about a few details of his resume. His claims of owning multiple properties across New York were claimed false when the reporters found out the truth. He was living with his sister in Long Island.

He also admitted that he lied about his religion and ethnicity.

Why was Tiffany Santos evicted?

Tiffany Santos was charged with skipping the rent of her Queens apartment. The Santos siblings were reportedly sharing that apartment. 

The pair managed to contribute thousands of dollars in political contributions, and Tiffany made a massive investment of $5,000 when her brother was caught in a lying scandal.

According to court records, Tiffany Santos is in danger of being ousted from her Elmhurst apartment due to a failure to pay almost $40,000 in rent since August 2020, as reported by the Daily Beast on Thursday. 

Despite receiving over $30,000 in federal emergency rental assistance, which was directly paid to her landlords, she is still said to owe this substantial sum.

Her lease was terminated by the building’s owners in May 2022, five months after the lifting of New York City’s COVID-related eviction ban. 

The landlords claim in their filing that Santos and two other unnamed individuals have been illegally occupying the apartment since then.

The lawyer for the building owners stated in a court filing from December 5th, obtained by the Daily Beast, that “the respondent failed to pay the arrears sought in this proceeding, even after ERAP payment.”

Federal Election Commission records reveal that during the period when rent was overdue, Tiffany Santos donated $5,000 to her brother’s congressional campaign in December 2021 and more than $16,000 to other Republican candidates in December 2021 and June 2022.

Santos told The Post that the lawsuit occurred during a time when her family was grappling with substantial medical debt due to her mother’s cancer treatment.