How Georgia Amoore Parents Supported Her Road To Basketball Success

Georgia Amoore Parents

Georgia Amoore Parents are the supporters behind her basketball success. Discover their vital role in helping her achieve NCAA MVP & All-ACC honors in 2023.

Whether she was practicing three-pointers or representing Australia internationally, her parents have been there every step of the way. 

They’ve been a crucial part of Georgia’s journey, from cheering her on during games to encouraging her during challenging times. 

In 2023, she earned the ACC Tournament MVP and a spot on the First Team All-ACC, showcasing her talent and hard work.

Georgia often mentions her parents’ significant impact on her life and basketball career.

Their support goes beyond the court, as they’ve instilled essential values like discipline and perseverance. 

As Georgia continues to shine in collegiate basketball, her parents remain a constant source of pride and encouragement.

Let’s look into the lives of Phil and Kelly Amoore, the hidden stars of Georgia Amoore’s success.

Who are Georgia Amoore’s Parents?

The parents of Georgia Amoore, Phil Amoore, and Kelly Amoore, have always been supportive of their children’s dreams,

Including their daughter’s desire to play basketball. Phil, who has a background in various sports.

Kelly, who is an expert in horse-related activities, has played an essential role in the life of their daughter, Georgia.

Phil and Kelly have always been united in raising their children. 

They both instilled in them values such as discipline, perseverance, and hard work, which are essential qualities needed to succeed in life. 

They both showed their children how to become responsible adults who can make wise choices.

Georgia Amoore’s Parents, Phil and Kelly’s relationship 

Phil and Kelly have an excellent relationship with each other. 

Despite their busy schedules, they always find time to communicate with each other and their children. 

They support each other in all their endeavors and work together as a team to raise their children.

Their support for Georgia’s dream of becoming a basketball player started when she was young.

 Kelly initially did not want her to become a basketball player, but after she saw Georgia’s potential and passion for the sport, she allowed her to pursue it. 

Phil, who has had various sports experience, also guided his daughter in honing her skills.

Their united support for Georgia has helped her succeed in her basketball career. 

She has become a valuable member of the Virginia Tech Hokies, gaining recognition and awards for her impressive performance. 

Her parents’ support has inspired her siblings to pursue their interests and passions.

Phil and Kelly’s parenting style has become a model for many other parents who want their children to succeed. 

Who is Georgia Amoore father, Phil Amoore?

Phil Amoore is a former athlete who has played footy and netball. 

He works as a Lift Truck Specialist in Australia and has worked several other jobs. 

However, his most significant role has been that of a supportive father to Georgia Amoore.

When Georgia Amoore decided to pursue basketball as a career, Phil Amoore supported her wholeheartedly. 

He was present with her when she committed to Virginia Tech in America and has been a constant source of encouragement and motivation throughout her journey.

Who is Georgia Amoore’s mother, Kelly Amoore?

Kelly Amoore is the mother of Georgia Amoore and owns Sylvan Lodge Equine Centre, which helps pre-training and rehabilitate thoroughbred horses.

She is an expert on all matters related to horses and has spent significant time working in the equine industry.

However, Kelly Amoore initially did not want her daughter to become a basketball player. 

Instead, she encouraged her towards other sports like footy, cricket, taekwondo, track and field, and futsal.

Only after Georgia Amoore was injured while playing footy did Kelly Amoore allow her daughter to become a basketball player.

Despite her initial reservations, Kelly Amoore has become an ardent fan of her daughter’s basketball career. 

She attends all of her games and has actively supported her daughter’s journey towards success.

Georgia Amoore’s Siblings

Georgia Amoore has two younger siblings, Jemma Amoore and Toby Amoore.

Her younger sister Jemma has followed in her footsteps and become a basketball player.

She became the Victoria Country Junior Champion in 2021. 

Her younger brother Toby is also involved in his school’s sports and has shown immense talent and potential.

The Amoore family has a strong tradition of athletic excellence, and Georgia Amoore’s siblings are well on their way to becoming successful athletes in their own right.

Virginia Tech’s tough fight falls short against Florida State

Georgia Amoore scored 30 points for Virginia Tech in their basketball game against No. 21 Florida State. 

Despite her impressive performance, Virginia Tech lost 89-81. Amoore also contributed 12 rebounds, five assists, and two blocks.

Her teammate, Elizabeth Kitley, added 13 points and eight assists, and Matilda Ekh chipped in with 14 points.

Virginia Tech showed strength in offensive rebounds, with Kitley leading.

The team had an excellent defensive performance, blocking five shots. However, Virginia Tech had a lead at halftime.

Florida State made a comeback in the final quarter, securing the win.

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