Get Your Podcast Up And Running With This $9.99 1-year Subscription

Get Your Podcast Up And Running With This $9.99 1-year Subscription

You have an idea of a lifetime for a new podcast. Now what? Getting your podcast in front of the masses can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. Podomatic PRO Plus brings you the tools to bring your ideas to life and get your podcast heard.

Podcasts are becoming much more popular these days. Whether it be true-crime lovers, music buffs, or foodies, there is a niche for every type of interest out there. 

If you’ve considered getting a podcast up and running, Podomatic brings you an all-inclusive solution to help get your podcast in front of the right audience.

Don’t have any fancy recording equipment? No problem. Podomatic has the tools to record and publish your recordings instantly to your preferred network. 

The software also does all the heavy lifting for you when sharing your episodes—playing them directly to Facebook or Twitter or embedding them to any other social media network of choice.

Once your podcast is out in the world, you’ll have the opportunity to promote your content and earn revenue through advertising and crowdsourcing. 

Having partnered with Patreon, Podcorn, and What For Apparel, Podomatic assists in getting you the right supporters and advertisers and helps you set up your merch store to make money off your hard-earned ideas. Best yet, you get to collect all of the profits!

You’ll also be equipped with the analytics you need to see firsthand how your podcast is performing. 

As reviewed by the Stanton Warriors Podcast, “We’ve been using Podomatic to host our podcast since 2009. It’s quick and easy to post new episodes, the stats are deep, and it’s helped us consistently chart in the top music podcasts on iTunes.”

While a 1-year subscription to Podomatic PRO Plus is typically priced at $119, for a limited time the comprehensive platform is on sale for only $9.99—saving you over $100. Get started on an exciting new project and bring your podcast to life with this streamlined all-in-one subscription.

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