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Glenda Cleveland, True Story of Jeffrey Dahmer's Neighbor

In the Netflix series “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a real-life character named Glenda Cleveland can be seen as a figure of protest. She was an indomitable human being who stood up against the fear and hideous activities taking place in the room next to her.

Although Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes were disturbing enough on their own, the film’s expose of the ineptitude of the authorities charged with keeping the public safe hits home.

It tells the story of those who sought to stop Dahmer as well. The list included Glenda Cleveland.

Let’s get to know about Glenda Cleveland’s character in detail;

Who is Glenda Cleveland?

Glenda Cleveland lived next door to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In 1991, on May 27th, Glenda’s teenage daughter Sandra and her niece Nicole witnessed a naked adolescent boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, fleeing from Dahmer.

They reported it, but when the police arrived, they didn’t seem to take it very seriously. They believed Jeffrey Dahmer’s story that the boy was his intoxicated lover, despite the girl’s protests.

From what we can tell, Jeffrey brought Konerak back to his flat, where he murdered the youngster and mutilated his body. On hearing noises and detecting an odd odor coming from his residence, Glenda made many calls to the police. The terrifying call ended with Glenda telling the cops, “Someone is going to get wounded or killed.”

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, five of Jeffrey’s murders occurred AFTER Glenda called the police. According to family lore, Glenda also kept in touch with Konerak and attended one of his son’s weddings.

How many times did Glenda Cleveland she tried to reach the police?

Cleveland, who had faith in her daughter and niece, contacted the authorities multiple times to inquire about the incident. When she read an announcement about the missing teen she had put in the neighborhood newspaper a few days later, her anxiety level skyrocketed.

According to an article published in Newsweek, even though she had made repeated calls to the local police and the FBI, they never contacted her again.

Tracy Edwards nearly avoided becoming the 18th victim of the Milwaukee Cannibal in July 1991 when she could evade Dahmer’s grasp and prevent becoming the cannibal’s 18th murder victim (via Newsweek).

When investigators discovered the horrors hidden behind the door of Dahmer’s apartment, it became clear very quickly that Dahmer had managed to murder Sinthasomphone and four other victims after making that fateful 911 call two months earlier. Sinthasomphone’s body was found in one of the rooms in the apartment.

Where Is Glenda Cleveland Today?

Glenda Cleveland, considered one of the heroes in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, played a significant role in the investigation of Jeffrey by making a substantial number of calls to the police.

 If only she had gotten her message over, five of Jeffrey’s seventeen victims could still be alive today. Niecy Nash plays the part of Glenda in the new series “Monster,” and the series has given fair credit to her efforts, which she didn’t do in previous iterations of the show.

Nash admitted in an interview that Cleveland should be accorded more recognition for their role in bringing him down. “She deserved a lot more than some tacky plaque tucked away in the corner of a social hall somewhere,” someone said. 

She deserved a lot more than for the cops to stand in front and say, “Look what we did.” She earned a lot more. “Take a look at what we attempted to do,” Nash said.

Glenda maintained her residence in the same apartment until 2009; unfortunately, she did not make it past 56 as she passed away on December 24th, 2010.

It has been said that she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and heart problems. The new series has brought Glenda’s name back to the forefront, but many people have forgotten what she did.

How Did Glenda Cleveland Die?

A 56-year-old woman named Glenda Cleveland died in Milwaukee. Police who responded found her lying face down on the floor of her apartment. A medical examiner’s report said that her death was ’caused by heart disease and high blood pressure, which were natural.’

Although there was no funeral, a memorial service was held and attended by the people who had been Cleveland’s closest friends and family members. She captures Dahmer many times, making her patient of anxiety and blood pressure.

Is Glenda Cleveland still alive?

Glenda Cleveland passed away in December 2011 because of heart failure and high blood pressure.

Final Verdict

She received honors from local women’s groups and the Milwaukee Police Department; Cleveland was recognized and honored by the Common Council and County Board in the city of Milwaukee.

She, for her part, did not stop speaking out against the injustice committed by the police, which had resulted in the death of innocent people.

Cleveland was a victim of Dahmer’s crimes not only for the actress Niecy Nash, who plays her character in the series but also for Cleveland herself.

The Netflix series makes up for this oversight by emphasizing the victim’s efforts and the trauma she endured due to living next door to Dahmer.

Additionally, the series provides viewers with a positive role model amid an otherwise terrifying narrative.

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