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Pitching a new business idea to an investor can be difficult. Every day, there are hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs looking for someone to invest in their idea, and the only thing that makes an idea stand out is how you present it – and Go Business Plan can help you with that.

Go Business Plans is a full-service business plan writing and consulting firm that assists startups, as well as established businesses, create winning business plans. The Go Business Plans team comprises of skilled business plan writers who help ambitious entrepreneurs to kickstart their business and help established businesses grow faster.

Getting Started:

Before starting this service, Go Business Plan’s Founder Ishan Jetley did his homework to see if people actually needed these services. He discovered that there was an unfulfilled need of a consultancy firm that understands an individual business’s needs and caters them accordingly.

“While doing my research, I came across several small business owners who said that they were struggling to launch and raise capital for their startups. On the other hand, large business owners expressed the fear of becoming obsolete due to increasing competition, so I thought, why not use my expertise to help them out,” Ishan Jetley said.

Founded in 2012, Go Business Plans is currently the largest and best-rated business plan writing company in the United States. The company initially offered business plan writing services only but has now expanded its range of services and now offers consulting services, business funding, and branding & marketing services along with business planning services.

However, business plan writing remains the company’s main specialization. The firm specializes in providing high quality, super detailed and beautifully designed business plans at industry standard pricing, which makes them stand out from the competition.

According to the CEO, their business plans are mainly used for strategic planning, internal planning, investor fundraising, and bank funding. The service business consultancy firm has helped over 3000 companies in 150 different industries acquire over $1 billion in debt and equity.

The company’s driving force is customer success. “There is no other business plan writing firm that can match our quality, experience and success rate”, Ishan Jetley said.

Benefits Of Hiring Business Plan Writers

A business plan is a key element that plays an important role in the success of a business. It does not only help entrepreneurs in securing finance through banks and investors; it also allows the business owner and the management team to create and aim for clear financial and operational goals.

Go Business Plans has extensive knowledge of growing businesses in a variety of different industries. Since the Company has worked with multiple businesses of all sizes and across different growth levels, they can help any Company create a more effective business plan.

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