G-Home Adds A New Button And New Features Come To Google Photos

Google Home is an application that those of Mountain View launched to lend us a hand with the configuration of the first Chromecast and, over time, it has become the nerve center of that connected-home to which we are getting closer and closer.

Of course, we do not know if Google always had in mind that it would grow in this way, but to configure (and already is) the famous HDMI keys, it has become the heart of the entire Home ecosystem of virtual assistants, smart speakers, smart lights, etc. And now comes a button that will excite everyone who has a Nest Hub.

Quick calls to our house:

The finding has been made by Android-Police’s colleagues, who have found in the Google Home application a new button that allows us to quickly make a video call to the smart screen we have at home. With a simple touch, we will be talking without dialing any number and always through the internet. No mobile or fixed network.

This functionality is not new, but Google has placed it so insight since until now it was an option that we could find by browsing the menus of the different Home devices that we have within the app. What happened to you too completely unnoticed?

New button Call home on Google Home:

It is important to say that the Google Home application, as such, is not responsible for maintaining a video call with our Kitchen Nest Hub, but it is Duo, that famous app that those of Mountain View put into circulation in August 2016 and which still struggles to break through as the standard of video calls on Android.

At least, since in the Apple pen there is Facetime and it will be difficult to overcome it (another thing is the cross-call. Also, remember that the Google assistant has a specific voice order to make these calls.

In this way, the application is gaining strength as a place in which to configure and start the different services that can be launched within the attendees that we already have all placed in the rooms of our houses.

New Features Come To Google Photos That Improve Their Use With Chromecast:

One of the most complete applications that Google offers today, along with others such as Maps or the Gmail mail manager, is the one that aims to manage and edit images and videos.

We refer to Google Photos, a work that allows infinite storage in the cloud if the resolution of the contents is respected. Well, there are developments in this development, and they are quite interesting.

They have been seen in the latest work version of the Mountain View Company (, and have as a travel companion one of the best hardware products that this company has launched: Chromecast.

The name of the new function is Photo Frames, and it is not activated by default yet but it is completely integrated in the development version that we have commented. Therefore, the only thing that has to be done by Google is to perform the corresponding process from its servers.

What is Photo Frame?

This new option works in a similar way with the Google Home Environment option, the development with which all Chromecast sections are controlled. The case is that, with this new option, when using the previous functionality, the Google Photos images that are stored one after the other are not shown.

Now, what is possible to achieve is that you can select albums (even some of the recommended ones) and, this, is very positive since in this way a selection is made of what will appear on the TV screen of where the player is connected.

Thus, for example, it is possible from creating an option where you can see the photos of the holidays, in which the pet you have is shown and, even, where you can review monuments that are in an album.

The truth is that it is a good possibility and that it is strange that it was not available before (and that adds to the one that was recently added in Google Photos that allows recognizing texts in the images that are accessible to this service).


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