Grabify A Way of Finding Someone Location

Grabify: A Way of Finding Someone Location

In this article, we will introduce you to the idea of IP addresses and how they benefit you to achieve this feat. We will also include a tool named Grabify, Which essentially makes use of IP addresses and gives you the information you necessitate.

So, Let’s get started.

What is Grabify?

Grabify is a free web-based IP getting and URL shortening tool. From this tool, you can easily take anyone’s IP Address to get their location.

But let us tell you, there are a number of similar tools available on the internet, who do this job.

We preferred Grabify because of its simplicity and its straight-to-the-point design. A quick search in Google would show its popularity and its extensive usage. In fact, it currently possesses 66,073,484 IP logs registered on its database.

What are the IP addresses?

Let’s talk about this in its most simplistic form, as an unusual ID or number allocated to each user of the internet in order to distinguish them. This unique number, in turn, assists in comprehending certain information about the bearer, which estimated location appears to be one of them.

The special stress put on “approximate” above because the location given can be influenced by a few factors and might not be accurate. But most of the time, you are usually not very distant from the location you got.

How to use Grabify to know someone’s location?

It is as simple as sending them a link.

Grabify removes the entire technicalities and just provides you only the knowledge you require.

 So, here’s how to do it: 

  • get a link of any exciting topic that you are certain your friend (or the person you want to get his/her location) would not ignore your message to visit the link.
  • Then go to Grabify website and paste that link into the box that tells “Enter URL or tracking code” you’d notice this on the homepage.
  • Hit on “Create URL”. You would notice a pop-up message that requests you to agree to their terms of use, Then click on agree. If your URL was successfully generated, you should now be brought to a new page which requires some more information.

On that new page, there are some of the customizations you could do to your link and how imaginative you get might be restricted to your knowledge of a few technical stuff about URLs.

Grabify Link

  1. Your new URL. This normally seems like “”. This would be what you can send to the person you want to get his/her location or friend. It is advised to renew the field to something else, so your target does not get to know it is a grabify link because of its fame.
  2. Your tracking code would be what you would enter to reach your logs.
  3. Your access link is the link that benefits you to survey your logs by immediately visiting it. This can lessen you the burden of coming back to the homepage to insert your tracking code anytime you wish to inspect your logs. You might want to copy that too.
  4. Smart Logger Feature is an innovative feature that recently launched by grabify to give further information about your target. Such information covers your target’s device information, its charging state, battery percentage, his/her device’s GPU, if he/she is entering the link over a Tor exit node, if they are reaching over VPN and a whole bunch of amazing information. You surely want to get it notified.

After you have done with your customizations, you are all set to send out your link.

Hit up your friend or the person you want to get his/her location with the new link and may be connected with some of the descriptions that would urge them to click on it. but being creative is a must.

After you are certain they might have clicked, or you must have inquired with them if they have checked out the link. Go on to Grabify’s homepage and insert your tracking code, or better to use the access link you had already copied to take you directly to your logs.

Now you can get the Results section, refreshed with actual data about the target that has checked the link. This covers his/her location!

Be sure to click on “more info” to view more data about the user. If you’d turned on the smart logger, you can view more comprehensive information than the default one given.

Note: Grabify keeps track of anyone who clicks on the link including yourself as well. 

So, now you just got someone’s location!

It is also important for us to let you people know about its legality.

So, Is using Grabify illegal or not? 

IP address is public information. In many cases, that IP address cannot be tracked to the person’s name or other personal information. However, if you told them that you have information on them, despite how you obtained that information, it is illegal. So, be assured not to use the information gathered for suspicious objects. You might get yourself into jail.

Grabify is a free tool that waits for donations from some of those people who find it helpful. So, if you find it helpful too, we encourage you to make some donations according to your preference, to keep them working conveniently. It is as simple as clicking on the “donate” button on their homepage, and do not bother about your safety through PayPal. There is also a choice to donate bitcoins, plus you also get to observe your name on the top donators’ leader board revealed on their homepage.

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