Gucci P. Owner of Tykoon

Gucci P, Owner of Tykoon Management & Productions

Meet rising entrepreneur & DMV Native Gucci P. Owner of Tykoon Management & Productions full house entertainment company housing artist management, digital marketing, and event

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

“ I used to be a party animal from high school always at all the parties! From that, I started promoting once I found out income can be made from having fun, then I decided I want to just run my own thing so I could be the top dawg of things being that I was always a sub-promoters meaning I got sub-promoter benefits”

What is the purpose of Tykoon?

“The purpose of Tykoon is for everyone involved to become tycoons which the name was derived from I just changed the c. I want everyone around me to be bosses and powerful in whatever industry field they choose, and I also want to make a name for the DMV because of we don’t have too many successors from here”

Gucci P, Owner of Tykoon Management & Productions

How did you develop an interest in artist management at such a young age?

“At the stage of my party rages, (laughs) I was always around DJs, Hosts, and promoters which artists normally look for to branch out and expand, and most of my relatives were aspiring musicians and aside from family I always found myself around artist for some reason who needed the connection to people who I was partying with every other day so I just thought why not just manage someone. So I gave it a try and fell in love with the experience and network that comes along with starting your own management!”

What makes Tykoon different from any other party promo group?

“I wouldn’t refer to Tykoon as a party promo group, that’s just one aspect of what we do, which is the difference right there. A lot of other promo groups literally just do parties and parties alone. We’re into fashion, media, artist management as well which differentiates us from everyone else. Our events that we do have are always LIVE!! Aside from that Tykoon is an entertainment collective, for future references”

What made you choose this business?

“I’ve worked in different fields as I’ve worked at the bank, fast foods, everything and it was all cool and all but one thing I hated was being an “associate” or “employee”. It just never sat too well with me. I’ve always wanted to be the top dawg, running my own sh*t you know? So this allowed me to that and learn and network at the same time. Which is why I choose this once I started developing interest”

Do you have any goals for Tykoon?

“The goals I have include being the best at what I do before 2020. And also help as many more young people establish their own businesses as well because it definitely gets lonely at the top, and I believe in #EveryoneEats courtesy of my brother 4th Quarter Peso”

Meet rising entrepreneur & DMV Native Gucci P. Owner

Lastly, any advice to any young aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Definitely! To all young aspiring entrepreneurs, I’d say just go for it. Nothing is impossible unless you let it be. Literally. No matter how people may look at you. Till this day I still get looked at as the “little ni*ga” but you got to just prove with action where you actually stand”

How people can reach out to you?

I am active on Business Instagram: Tykoon and Gucci P.


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