10 Fun-Filled Halloween Party Ideas in 2021

Halloween party ideas

If you truly enjoy the time of Halloween in the year, this October is undoubtedly no better time to celebrate and to throw a fancy, all-out Halloween party.

When it comes to throwing an unforgettable Halloween party, it’s all about considering little details. Everything from trick-or-treating to DIY Halloween costumes is all part of the fun, but a bash that’s planned with both kids and grown-ups in mind is also worth adding to the mix.

If you’re wondering how to host a Halloween party, have some fun with halloween costumes for kids, adults, babies and make it with Halloween fun, Halloween games, movies and a music playlist there are more than some fun and spooky Halloween party ideas that’ll help you throw the party of the year.

1. Crescent Flower Wreath

Crescent Flower Wreath

A Crescent flower wreath is the easiest way to make it so you can always show your creativity to impress your guests. Embellish Your wreath with Halloween decorative items in a crescent shape and hang it on your door. Your first impression will stun your guest. 

2. Garden Horror Movie Night

Invite friends over for a garden horror movie night this Halloween! All you need to design your own outdoor theater experience is a blank wall or sheet and a portable projector. You will hook it up to your laptop or another device. 

Garden Horror Movie Night

All you need to do is set up a comfortable seating for your guests and also you can make a creepy concession stand by yourself. 

3 Scary Mantel Decor

Scary Mantel Decor

To get your mantel looking extra gloomy, you will want to start with lanterns that hold flameless pillars. Add a candelabra, plus glitter tapers, a grinning votive, ghostly candles, and some fluttery bats. Add some creepy crawlies by spray-painting black plastic insects, then swarm up a wall using glue dots. Bonus points if you add a silver spray-paint pile of bones to your fireplace.

4. Skeleton Face Candy Boxes

Skeleton Face Candy Boxes

Cut the skeleton face templates out of black craft paper with scissors or a craft knife, or make your own! To make them, spray paint all of the egg boxes white inside and out and let them dry completely. To make them, spray paint all of the egg boxes white inside and out and let them dry completely. Glue on the paper face pieces using a light layer of tacky glue, and make sure you securely press down the fragments since the egg is round.

5. Witch’s Brew

Here are some convenient ways to make your bottles of soda or beer a little more holiday-ready!

Witch's Brew

Just download any Witch’s Brew bottle wrap template, cut out the labels, and tape around soda bottles. If you want to create witches’ hat straws as well, just cut two 3 inches circles out of paper that must be in color black, and make a hole in the center. 

Push a straw through that hole. Cut out the other circle in half and roll to form a cone around the straw, sticking or taping in place. Adhere or tape the cone to the paper circle to make a witch hat.

6. Covered Furniture

Covered Furniture

Give your living room a haunted look by wrapping your chairs and tables with white sheets. After this you need to put up a cheesecloth ‘cobweb’ right across a mirror and  also try to keep intact the curly willow branches in candlesticks with proper museum wax. 

7. Shrunken Head Cider

Because regular ol’ spiced cider will not do. Peel six red apples, slice in half and carve creepy faces with a paring knife. Dip each apple half in a small bowl with the juice of three lemons. 

Shrunken Head Cider

What you need to do is put a small baking sheet with some apples cut in half and then proceed to bake it at 250 Fahrenheit for approximately 2 hours till you find that it is all dried out and has shrunken in shape. 

Meanwhile, mix 1/2 liter apple juice, 1-liter apple cider, 2-star anise, one cinnamon stick, and 1 cup rum if need be, in a precisely  large pot and then  simmer for around 45 minutes. 

It is also advised to add heads to the desired pot for a final touch. 

8. Gothic Candles

These cute candles are all that you actually need for your haunted house themed party. To make, cut a small length of lace and then place it on a paper plate to achieve desired results. 

Gothic Candles

Apply non-flammable black tempera paint to it, then roll the candle of your choice directly across the trim to pick up the pattern. 

It will be best if you allow the paint to dry for about an hour before lighting your candle.

If you want you can also choose the lace tape to the exterior of a glass holder to achieve a look similar to it. 

9. Costume contest

There’s a reason why the classic costume contest is always a winning party idea: It gives endless entertainment for both kids and adults. But if you like to step up your costume contest game, choose a theme that everyone must love to,

halloween costumes contest

Consider famous families, ’90s sitcoms, perfect pairs, or squad goals), and give out gifts not only for the overall best, but also for different categories like funniest, creative, best DIY, and more.

10. Pet Costume Contest

Invite over all the dogs of your neighborhood and ask their parents to costume them in their Halloween best. Make a bowl of water and treats for your pets—and maybe some snacks and sweets for the human party-goers, too. The winner of the costume contest takes home a new pet toy!

Pet Costume contest

Halloween is a scary holiday and is arguably the best time to plan a theme party, with many options, whether you choose seasonal favorites or go all-in on the fear factor.

You can decide to embrace the sweet, sticky, or frightening sides of Halloween. Or, you can plan a low-key night focused on festive Halloween games. 

Halloween is also a great reason to host an outdoor fall harvest party, complete with all of the best autumnal fare.