Han Seo Hee Controversies and Court Recently Charge A Year-Long Prison After Her Second Illegal Drug Offence

Han Seo Hee Latest

The prosecution representing the Suwon District Court has charged a penalty of one year in prison for ex idol trainee Han Seo Hee, who is recently facing her second prohibited drug use offense charge. 

Han Seo Hee Positive Methamphetamine

In 2017, Han Seo Hee was condemned to three years of punishment after using an illegal substance in 2016. After a few years, in 2020, she was confined after a dope test came back positive for methamphetamine.

As a consequence, the Court asked for the immediate punishment of Han Seo Hee’s probation sentence. Afterward, the National Forensic Service conducted a hair follicle test on Han Seo Hee, with the test result showing a negative report. 

Han Seo Hee Controversies

It disturbed the followers of the incident. Most were assured that prison was expected. Han Seo Hee dodged jail time because quick sentencing was not possible. She was ultimately released on probation.

Han Seo Hee is refusing allegations of drug consumption during her ordeal period, challenging an error in her urine test report from July 2020. 

Han Seo Hee and the prosecution will accompany a court trial later this month on November 17. 

Who is Han Seo Hee?

Han Seo Hee is a controversial personality in K-pop. She is a South Korean singer, Trainee, Instagram Influencer, reality T.V. celebrity, and Social Media star from Seoul. She is also identified as the news ex-girlfriend of Big Bang’s T.O.P

Controversies’ of Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee has always been into many Controversies and news headlines due to her involvement in many debatable things. These controversies usually involve celebrities. 

That’s why Hee is not only popular in South Korea but in almost every country.

  • Dating BigBang’s T.O.P

Hee first got into the spotlight when she was associated with BigBang’s rapper T.O.P. Later, it was reported that Han Seo Hee was the one who gave an electric cigarette that held marijuana to the rapper. 

In 2017, a legal case was registered against T.O.P. where he was arrested for consuming marijuana. 

Though Hee refused all these accusations, but no one trusted her at all. She was the only one in this case who underwent punishment at the end and had even spent 120 hours of drug treatment sessions.

  • Meeting B.T.S.’ V at 19 in a Club

One of Han Seo Hee’s most recent controversies, which drew many media, was her relationship with B.T.S. member V. 

She stated, on her Instagram live, that when they were 19, she met V in a club. This declaration went so viral that all news channels, media outlets and magazines began backlashing on Hee. 

Initially, she supported her statement and said that a common friend (Kim Ki-bum) had requested V to visit the club, and she only joined him for a few minutes. However, since everyone acknowledged that V couldn’t go to a club at 19, thinking he was underaged, Hee had to make it clear, so she publicly regretted her statement. 

  • Gugudan’s Kim Na Young and Hana

If you believe the above two situations would end the craze of Han Seo Hee from starting new controversies, you’re mistaken. Again, the actress, model, influencer became a news headline when she published a photo of herself with Hana and Kim Na Young (girl parts of Gugudan) on Instagram. Even though she had concealed their faces with stickers, but it only took a few moments for K-pop followers to figure out the truth. 

  • Selling Drugs to B.I.

Another spotlight of the controversial career of Han Seo Hee emerges when the leader and songwriter of the seven-member boy group, B.I—left his group. 

While the reason for his leaving was revealed as the use of drugs and not Hee, it was evident that he took all those drugs from someone familiar. 

Later, chat screenshots were shown to the public, proving that Hee was behind the scene of selling those drugs to B.I. 

  • MONSTA X’s Wonho and Shownu  

Amongst all the Hee’s life controversies, this was the one that became very famous. When Wonho left his boy band, Monsta X, Hee’s girlfriend, Jung Da Eun, alleged he owed her a large amount of money. 

Though this claim could have been true, Han Seo Hee inflamed the whole episode by saying that Wonho is a talentless singer. She even said that Wonho used to consume drugs, drive as a minor, and try stealing. 

As far as Shownu is involved, Hee stated that the 27-year-old singer dated a married woman, and she had a disagreement with the husband of the same woman.

Han Seo Hee is undoubtedly a gorgeous South Korean well-known figure who keeps herself connected to controversies, and these controversies become the reason for her fame. 

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