Henk Rogers Wife: The Love That Knows No Bounds

Henk Rogers Wife Akemi Rogers

Henk Rogers wife, Akemi Rogers, is his biggest supporter, admirer, confidante, and soulmate.

She has supported her husband through thick and thin and has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him through all his endeavors. 

The audience will get to take a closer look at Henk Rogers’ life and all that went behind the introduction of the video game ‘Tetris’ in Apple Tv’s biographical film, also titled “Tetris.”

According to many sources, the heart of the new movie lies around Henk Rogers and Alexey Pajitnov, the heroes in the world of video games. 

The movie encircles Dutch-American entrepreneur Rogers’ life and how he ended up forming a lifelong association with Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov.

Like real life, the movie also shows Pajitnov as the brains behind the game, whereas Henk is seen launching the game to worldwide success by securing the desired Tetris handheld rights. 

Henk Rogers wife plays a significant role in the movie as well as in Rogers’ real life. The blind trust she had in him ultimately became the reason behind his massive success. 

Henk Rogers
Henk Rogers

In the movie, Henk Rogers’ role is played by Taron Egerton, and Nikita Efremov plays the role of Alexey Pajitnov. Actress Ayane plays the role of Henk Rogers wife, Akemi Rogers.

Analogous to real life, the movie also shows Rogers untangling the mystery behind the game Tetris’ licensing rights. Pajitnov’s role in the film offers just a teensy bit of insight into the part he played in the game’s everlasting success. 

Unfortunately, just like all good things have an end, the movie ‘Tetris’ also ends before Rogers and Pajitnov’s real-life story picks up.

While there is no denying that without Rogers and Pajitnov, the game ‘Tetris’ could not have been what it’s like now. However, more credit goes to Rogers for propelling the game into a worldwide success. 

Tetris became a massive success after Rogers and Pajitnov founded the ‘The Tetris Company’ after moving to the United States. 

The Tetris Company created and licensed all the future Tetris games. 

Exploring the relationship between Henk Rogers & his wife

Henk Rogers’ wife, Akemi Rogers, is Japanese. She met her husband while studying at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. 

After completing her studies, Akemi moved back to her home country, but Henk wasn’t one to let go that easily. He made three extended visits to Japan and decided to settle there with his love interest. 

Fortunately for Henk, his family was already planning to move to Japan, so convincing them was not a problem.

Henk and Akemi tied the knot in 1977 and began living in a small countryside house. Henk was doing business with his stepfather at that time. 

The lovebirds share four children. Since Henk’s business required him to travel frequently, it was Akemi who took care of their children. 

To end his frequent traveling needs, Henk founded Bullet-Proof Software, Inc., a software company that paved the way for him to reach and strike a deal with Nintendo. 

Despite taking care of their children and home singlehandedly, Akemi did not shy away from lending a hand to Henk in flourishing his business. 

She did everything she could to make Bullet-Proof Software Inc. look like a Japanese company. 

A few years after Henk’s business achieved stability in Japan, he decided to take it abroad, to the United States.

Akemi did not flinch at the thought of moving her well-settled life to another country and followed her husband’s wish like a perfect wife.

The Tetris Company is Henk’s fifth child. He has worked on it all his life, and now his daughter, Maya Rogers, has stepped in to help her dad in expanding the company. 

Maya Rogers, the eldest child of the Rogers, was handed over the leadership of The Tetris Company in 2014.

Henk Rogers daughter Maya Rogers
Henk Rogers daughter Maya Rogers

Under her regime, the company has expanded significantly and has started selling other goods, such as toys, lifestyle goods, and apparel. 

Throughout her professional career, Maya has worked for many companies, including Blue Startups LLC and Blue Planet Software Inc.

Henk Roger’s wife, Akemi Rogers, has taken the backseat in this situation. She has chosen to spend her time away from the spotlight but has not shied away from lending support to her husband whenever needed. 

The proud mother witnessed the historical moment when her daughter became the CEO of The Tetris Company and Blue Planet Software in 2014. 

Now that all of Akemi and Henk’s children have grown up, the pair have settled down in Kailua-Kona, an island on the west coast of Hawaii. 

Another milestone of the duo is the Henk and Akemi Rogers Foundation. The foundation works on serving its community

Henk Rogers wife, Akemi, spends a considerable part of her time with her family members, including her children, their partners, and her grandchildren.

Henk and Akemi got married 46 years ago. The pair continues to amaze their fans with their chemistry, understanding, and love for each other. 

Are Rogers and Pajitnov still friends?

The famous duo behind ‘Tetris’ creation has remained friends since their first introduction. The man who created Tetris and the one who sold it to the world met at a government office in Moscow in 1989. 

Their lifelong relationship began after Rogers convinced Pajitnov to sell the game to Nintendo instead of their rival, Atari. 

“In real life, even today, if we’re in the same city every other day, we are having a bottle of wine,” said Rogers about their friendship of nearly 40 years. 

“This is our tradition. And I lived in Seattle [where Pajitnov lives] for a year, so that was a lot of wine.”

Rogers’ extroverted personality and Pajitnov’s mild nature make their duo a treat to watch. Some people have enjoyed watching them together more than ‘Tetris’ itself. 

Whenever the pair gets together, they entertain their audience with their witty humor and old stories. 

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