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Herr Nora – Where You Wear the Dark Humor

Herr Nora – which means ‘Mr.’ in German – is a startup business website created by a European girl with the same name. Herr Nora is an amazing artist who is much inspired by the dark humor. She was a normal girl, she says, until one day, she decided to ‘put up a mustache to look like a heterosexual white man, and was suddenly in leading positions in several DAX companies’. Since this is a stressful job, to free her mind in the evening hours, she started designing street-wear and casual garments to put on. Sometimes she is inspired by spectacular court cases and makes something out of it. The logo of Herr Nora speaks for itself. It has a big mustache, a cool hat with casual goggles.

Mustache has been of great importance in the history of arts. You could guess someone’s power and grandeur with the help of the style of mustache. From Nicholas Lanier to Portrhigh-quality of Adrian Stevens, mustache has been of great importance in the art. In the modern world, the significance of mustache has been often ignored. Artists used a mustache to create amazingly distinctive characters in the past. The founder of Herr Nora wants to revive history again. She wants to ignite the fire within the young and the old with the help of mustache.

Herr Nora claims to be the only place on the internet where you can get high-quality garments along with dark humor to put on. This is truly perfect for the youngsters and the old guy who just wants to look different and stand out in the crowd.

If you open the website of Herr Nora, you will be welcomed by the relaxing environment on some ocean, where a girl, pineapple in her hands, is posing macho with a mustache, goggles and a hat. This is perfect for those who are looking for artistic clothing along with the trademark of being cool and funny.

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Let’s have a look at some t-shirts sayings created by Herr Nora. One t-shirt said something like, “I don’t fuck with carnivores” and the other said, “I taste like” and there’s a huge hamburger below the text. And when you scroll down the website for more clothing, you read something like, “…and more cool shit”. Isn’t it hilarious? The entire web store is cool and funny. You will enjoy visiting it even if you are not there for shopping – you could for example enjoy her blog! You will be blown away by the most qualitative relationship advises you have ever read about, and this is just a part of it ;).

As I already told you that Herr Nora gets inspiration from some weird court cases. One such case was about a woman who had put her cat in a microwave. Of course, this was not healthy for the cat and the woman sued the microwave company for not putting a sign on the device that you cannot put cats in microwaves. And you know what, she won the case. Herr Nora has a large collection of t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs related to this court case.

When it comes to the quality of Herr Nora clothing, it provides you the garments with double stitching. Also, all garments including shirts and sweaters are pre-shrunk. It means you enjoy the same size even after washing them a lot. Sweaters and t-shirts are soft. They can last for generations. Isn’t it enough to buy Herr Nora clothing?

But what if you want to return the product? Well, there is a page about the refund policy on Herr Nora. According to the policy, you can return the Herr Nora product within 30 days of purchase. Also, the product must be in the original packaging. How does it work? You return the product; Herr Nora confirms through email that they have received the product; they notify you of approval or rejection for the refund. If approved, your payment will be received through the same type of payment procedure which you applied while purchasing. Not to forget, you will enjoy free shipping for all orders over 50 Euros.

Herr Nora has now become a brand

You just do not purchase a Herr Nora product when you check out. But also, you get a long-lasting relationship as well. If you purchase a Herr Nora product and show it to the world with the right tags, she claims that you will be given free stuff, money, cars and gold, which is, careful, probably a joke, but still mind-boggling indeed. Cutting long story short, Herr Nora is not just another e-commerce clothing store, it is actually a complete experience of long-lasting fun memory and dark humor related life.


I am Sofia Mendela. My passion is to write about new businesses, leadership and capture interesting stories. I am quick in research and craft better stories.

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